Friday, August 21, 2009

World Of Animation And Cartoons

Do you like drawings and create new animations and cartoons?! Well then animation is the field for you to go for, if creativity is your forte and colors and sketches your passion then you would surely excel in the field of animation and multimedia. 
Remember the friendly little rat of ratatouille or the wild animal crew in Madagascar, or our very own world of jungle book and mowgli, how it left its marks on your life and memories, it was all the wonder creations of the animation world. 
The world of animation & multimedia has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years; with invention of new technology and a new trend wave of people’s preferences the world of animation has also witnessed many new changes. Today cartoons and animations are no more limited to young kids and children’s; it’s taken quite seriously for all age groups in the various spheres like – film industry, advertisement, games etc. it makes a huge contribution to the country GDP and employment as well.
With the rise in the demand for animation artists there is a rise in the number of universities and colleges in India offering animation courses. Few some among top animation schools in India include:
  • Arena Animation school.
  • Maya Institute.
  • FTII – Pune.
  • IIT – Guwhati.

The demand for new talent with proper knowledge of at least technology and techniques is rising in this industry; pursuing a course in this field can lead to bright career prospective as well. 
The main thing essential to be successful in animation is creativity, the ability to observe your surroundings, take into account the minute details and be able to convert it into the kind of animation or picture that you want to depict to your audience. You should be capable of making people laugh, to humor them with your creation.


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