Monday, August 16, 2010

Reservations under RTE Welcomed by Private Schools

The proposal to reserve 25% of the seats for under- privileged in private schools under right to education (RTE) has been welcomed wholeheartedly by private schools. Along with reservation, it implies no screening of applications, no fail and no expulsion policy. Even though everyone agrees with RTE, the implementation of the proposal is a major issue with the need for additional expenditure.

The only objection to the actual implementation of the reservation scheme is raised due to the problems related to it for both government and private schools. First, it needs huge resources (by government) and next, enforcing discipline (by private schools). On one hand, the government doubts if the whopping amounts of thousand crores required for facilitating the scheme can be made available. And on the other, schools are uncertain about the clauses of not failing the students and not performing their background checks. As it is, even when they voluntarily provide education to under served kids, they perform a background check.

It is believed that if the problems of funding and discipline are solved, the proposal is going to be received with much more enthusiasm. It is highly appreciated that the government is making efforts to uplift the poor and the literacy rate on the whole. It is encouraging the under privileged by extending various benefits like education loans at lower interest rates, reservation in schools and colleges, increasing the number of seats across courses and such other provisions. Undoubtedly, our government is working hard towards elevating the standards and quality of education in India.

Our country has made extraordinary progress on all fronts and holds the potential for much more. For this, imparting right kind of training at all levels is extremely significant and I guess our government has realized that by now!


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