Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Career Opportunities in the Travel and Tourism Sector

India, the seventh largest country in the world, has huge resource for hospitality management. A land of rich cultural heritage, Indian hospitality sector abides by the Sanskrit saying ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ meaning the Guest is God. A part of the hospitality industry, travel and tourism is one of the largest foreign exchange earners among several industries. The tourism industry provides employment to millions of people. A huge industry, the business of tourism comprises government tourism department, immigration, custom services, airlines, travel agencies, hotel and other related industries.

A service providing industry, the travel and tourism business is concerned about catering to travelers and visitors. Travelling can comprise short package tours, leisure travel, pilgrimage or purely for business purpose. Work involves directly dealing with clients at all levels. Travel agents are deployed to provide assistance to travelers and make the best possible arrangements for the former. Several high-end cruise liners, resorts and well-established travel groups also recruit travel agents in order to work towards promotion of their organization.

In India, though the growth of travel and tourism industry has been somewhat slower, the government’s encouragement has definitely paid off. A worldwide interest in traveling and exploring places has led to the improvement in India’s tourism sector. This shows that the tourism industry has much potentials and those who want to make a career out of the same can definitely do so. Young individuals who are driven by a passion for traveling and dedicated can easily climb ladders in this industry. Apart from monetary values the biggest perk is an employee gets to travel exotic locales at lower prices.

Education and training can be provided by institutions exclusively dedicated to the industry. Students can pursue graduation, post-graduation, diploma as well as certificate courses in travel and tourism management. The Master of Tourism Administration (MTA) is two-year full-time program offered by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.  The basic eligibility to pursue a graduation or a certificate course is 10+2. Proficiency in a foreign language is highly valued. Duration depends on the types, degree, diploma or certificate. Good communication and presentation skills are the added advantage of an employee serving in the travel and tourism sector.


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