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The Benefits of Distance Learning

Distance learning is on the rise. According to reports by the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, nearly 5.5 million students were enrolled in at least one online course in 2012, with 2.6 million enrolled in fully online programs. There’s significant evidence that this number will only continue to increase in the years to come, with some arguing that schools might someday be completely online.

Still, while critics of online learning might believe that online education provides students with a sub-par education, where students don’t have necessary skills to interact face-to-face, others students believe that’s hardly the case, as there are unique academic advantages in the online learning platform.

  1. Enhanced Classroom Discussion
Online courses offer the unique opportunity to further delve into classroom discussion in an environment where every student--even the wallflowers--are able to participate.

Furthermore, as former online student Lila Romero notes, discussion forums are a way that students can come together to take an more in depth look at the course content, expanding their knowledge of the material. Students also have more time to think about and process their responses.

Discussion forums also provide the unique opportunity for students to learn how to accept constructive criticism from their peers, and in an online format students are better able to back up their argument with statistics and studies.

  1. Economic Benefit
Education costs have dramatically increased in the years following the most recent economic recession. The cost of distance learning varies, and in some cases can be just as expensive as a traditional degree. Online learning offers students the flexibility to work while attending school,  and although there can be some disadvantages to working while attending college, online learning offers flexibility for those who have to support themselves. Some online programs even offer free tuition to students who work in specific locations. For example, Arizona State University recently partnered with Starbucks, in an effort to help working students pursue an advanced education at no cost.

Aside from the professional flexibility online learning offers, students may also save money on textbooks.  Many online professors provide reading materials, and access to digital publications through interlibrary loans. Online learning also eliminates other costly factors, such as travel and childcare expenses, which can be incurred when taking courses in a brick and mortar location.

  1. Students Learn Virtual Communication Skills
Communicating in an online format is no easy task. Miscommunication is frequent, and for students in an increasingly online world, learning how to communicate effectively in an online format is an important skillset. It’s important that students be mindful of their tone, as constructive criticism, while good intentioned, can come off as arrogant, and disorganized thoughts in an online setting are much more difficult to wade through.

Online programs also afford students the opportunity to access and feel comfortable around new communication mediums, including video conferencing tools, and instant messaging systems. With the unique challenges brought on by globalization, and the prevalence of remote employees, learning how to effectively communicate and stay connected is more important than ever.
  1. Knowledge Retention Increase
If delivered well, online classes can significantly help students retain information, as multimedia tools have been proven to improve our brain’s memory. Research suggests that using images and videos in lessons not only engage the learner, but they also help them better remember what they learned.

“According to research, students who used ebooks that contained sound effects, music, audio narration, and images were able to retain and recite more information than those who were simply given traditional textbooks,” notes Elearning Design and Development. “Utilizing these ebooks also lead to group collaboration and peer interaction, as the students did not have to sit quietly on their own and privately read the text.”

  1. Flexible Schedule is Better for Learning
Online classes are often desirable for the flexibility they provide, allowing students to work and take care of children. But flexibility also allows students to work during the time of day when their brains are the most high functioning, which is typically shortly after waking up. Studies by German researchers confirm that tiredness and fatigue have a huge impact on student learning, and found that taking a quick nap allows a learner’s brain to retain information more effectively.  

About the Author:

Danika McClure is a writer and musician from the Northwest who sometimes takes a 30 minute break from feminism to enjoy a tv show. You can follow her on twitter @sadwhitegrrl

Friday, April 29, 2016

Your Attitude and Resume – both matter

There is a full-fledged course, taught in bachelors or masters program that enlightens a student with the method of writing a resume’. Commonly the subject is named as “managerial communication”. The sole reason behind the teaching of this subject is to get students ready for the professional world. When a fresh graduate begins his/her corporate journey, a good resume is the first requirement. Apart from this, How to interact with people, write a resume’, appear for interviews, handle situations and above all ensure a steady career growth are things every graduate should know off. Companies and organizations look for individuals capable of adjusting in their own culture and environment. This research is hence mandatory before any candidate applies for a firm.
Resume Tips

Now the question is: what are the few things that shall be taken into account while you email your CV to various companies.

The very first step that will serve as the prerequisite to the rest of steps is –research. This means before you apply for any opening, you do some homework. See what the firm is all about: the number of business units present, the functional strategy it follows and the best positions it has to offer you. There are two ways you approach a firm, one is when it has advertised a job opening itself, other is when you propose your services in any department of your own interest. For both the cases you need to understand the importance of ‘cover letter’.

Identify how you learned of the job position and what has made you apply in that firm.
Make the position that you are applying for very clear in the cover letter.
Identify your recent job experiences that might be of their interest.
Without exaggerating, tell them your skills and expertise.
You can also add in your hobbies and part time activities
Make sure you identify all voluntary experiences.
If you are an active member of LinkedIn, you can always provide a link of your profile.
Referring to the requirements of the position relate your qualifications.
"Your resume shall match whatever you mentioned in the cover letter.

These were few tips that need thorough consideration when you begin the process of job application. The next step is to work on your resume’. Do not forget: resume is the tool using which you may carve out your own future. Internet is all crammed with tips and advises regarding CV writing but here are few very essential ones that will serve as some instant guide:

1. If you are a fresh graduate, functional resume is the best option. To be specific this will include more focus on skills, educational achievements and personal interests. Whereas if you have a lots of experience yet you want some ripples in your monotonous career make sure you follow the chronological pattern.
2. Lay piles of emphasis on your skills and expertise. Your research will help the most here. For instance if you wish to apply for some marketing position, there is no need of highlighting your call centre or teaching experiences. Describe all your achievements in the domain of your and their interest only.
3. Embed your resume with KEYWORDS. This is very important, especially when SEO wins the online race. Optimize your text with keywords that will attract employers like a magnet. Other than this you may also keep in mind that mere stuffing of keywords won’t work, it will not only create a bad impression but is also against business ethics. You shall make sure that you create a professional impression without spamming.
4. Finally following up is very important. Mention in your cover letter that how will you stay in contact with them or through what means they shall approach you. Even if the reply to your email is negative, do not ignore & reply to them in a positive manner. They might consider you in the next hiring session.
5. A special and additional advice for all lucky ones who get a call for interview is to exhibit a professional demeanor in their first meeting. They shall be on time, act confident, talk politely, avoid too much fidgeting and boasting, and answer intellectually. They shall maintain a disciplined posture and shall define their previous work experience (May it be an internship) in detail.

At the start of career one needs to act real smart and wise. People who know there career path well enough, will also find a way to grow cashing best opportunities available. There are a billion ways you can manifest your intelligence and mannerism, it is what organizations value the most. So be at your best behavior and work for a mutually beneficial relationship!

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 Curious, adventurous, wild – The three words that best define Nikki. She loves to travel, read and write. Currently, Nikki is working as a writer at Assignment Help , the best place for UK Assignment Writing Services .Looking for a place to buy-assignment ? Head right to assignment cafe!

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Psychometric Career Assessment - Helping you Rediscover Yourself!

People have different aspirations but most often they end up doing something different.  They are not failures because on their path of self-discovery they find out that they are meant to do something else from what they dreamed of doing. How does the change in thought process occur? What makes them think that they are not suitable for a particular job or field of study? This path of self-discovery or better to put it as rediscovery of self comes through a methodical psychometric test. Psychometric tests are like career assessment test that helps one to understand their aptitude for a particular career. It is vital that one realizes their true potential and interests before selecting a career for themselves. This realization should come early otherwise it will only lead to dissatisfaction and waste of time and potential. How early? The best time to take psychometric tests is when you are in your 10th standard and then take one more after the 12th standard just before you are going to college; this will ensure you are in the right track. Even recruiters use psychometric tests as a method to select right candidates for their companies. Through this method a candidate’s true merit gets acknowledged.

In many cases a student takes up engineering in high school because their parents have imposed that on them. Some students take it because they think that they are good at it. Many change streams or career without even giving it a thought; you may have often noticed that a literature student suddenly doing a MBA because this will help him or her to get a ‘good job’. Does he or she realize whether he or she has the aptitude for it? We all have talents but it is equally important to know what it is and how we can use them in a best possible way. There is a huge debate whether these psychometric tests are useful or not. This depends on how honest is the person who is taking the test and whether he or she is ready to accept the results that might be contrary to his aspirations. In this context, let’s find out the advantages of taking a psychometric test-

•    Psychometric tests are cost-effective and easy to use.
•    The questionnaire format is standardized and thus candidates are judged impartially and equally.
•    This test helps to judge a student or candidate’s personality effectively and thus helps him or her to select a career according to it. If a person can’t qualify the test it means the job was not suitable for him or her and thus there is no reason to lose hope.
•    Often it is becomes tough for an employer to understand a person’s skills and behavioral pattern through an interview. This test actually helps to judge whether the candidate actually possesses the skills or can just give good interviews. Thus merit is given due importance.

A psychometric test can only be successful if the student or candidate is honest with the answers. You can’t actually pass or fail a psychometric test since it is just a yardstick to measure your true potential. Psychometric assessments not only help teachers, career counselors and employers, it also helps individuals understand their innate strengths. The two most popular psychometric assessments used in career programs are- The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) and Myers Briggs Types Indicator.

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB): This standard tool is like a blueprint for all other career assessment programs and is the best way to help a person to understand their innate strengths. This is an objective test and it consists of nineteen different work samples. The work samples are timed and research reveals that the results of the tests are accurate. This test is a little different from the aptitude tests that you took at school. It takes three hours to complete the whole test and all you need is a computer with a good audio system to crack the code.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is very important as it influences your career. This tool is a measurement of your personality. Research proves that the results of the tests are reliable and it will help an individual to search for a career based on their personality. To complete this test you have to answer questions like-

•    Do you prefer to work with others or alone?
•    Do you prefer to work with concrete facts or ideas?
•    Do you prefer to make decisions taking into account others feelings or by applying a consistent set of rules?
•    Do you dislike working under time pressure?

These questions need honest answers for the results to be reliable. Once you can gauge your preferences and behavioral patterns selecting a career or a field of study will become easy. For instance, a person who doesn’t like to work under time pressure will have to select a desk job and not opt for a media job, since it requires them to meet deadlines in a short notice. Some people who are sociable and love to work in a team can opt for public relations. Those who are introverts can do something that requires minimum interaction with others. Some like to do intense research while others want to work with solid facts. So knowing yourself is vital for becoming successful in any career. The preparation for a career should start early thus it is best you take a test just after completing your tenth standard, this way you will be sure of what you stream you should study. It is just like a reality check that will keep you grounded and prevent you from switching careers in the middle.

You will find several tests in the internet that are labeled as ‘psychometric tests’ but they are not original. You can take the help of a career counselor to select the right test for you. The test should make you confident and not confuse you. Don’t delay and take a psychometric test so that you can become more aware about yourself. For Bernard Baruch said, “Only as you do know yourself can your brain serve you as a sharp and efficient tool. Know your own failings, passions, and prejudices so you can separate them from what you see.” It won’t be an exaggeration to say that, if you desire to improve then psychometric tests is the only correct way to rediscover yourself!

About the Author :

Surela Chakraborty writes feature and lifestyle articles. She is known to experiment with different genres of writing. She started writing in her school days but has made her passion a profession. Her articles have been published in both print and digital media. Research is her forte and she has more than three years’ experience in this field. Connect with her @SurelaC

The World of Aviation Management

As the name suggests, Aviation Management is related to the workflow techniques, business principles and ethics related to every type of aviation, be it civil or military. The field is diverse, demands exceptional individuals and offers a dynamic work environment. So, if you’re interested in the world of aviation and like spending time at airports, but neither wish to be a pilot, nor an engineer/technician, then keep reading!

When it comes to career counseling, most people advise to make practical decisions over those made out of emotions. Meaning, to go for a career which has a good scope in your country, a decent, stable job that has a handsome pay, doesn’t require you to invest a huge amount of money in the initial academics, such that you are left with paying off student loan debt for the rest of your life and has a good work-life balance. For most students wanting to pursue a career related to aviation, following their dream becomes very challenging; you should be prepared to spend a considerably huge amount of money for your basic flying training and pilot license if you wish to be a pilot, for flight attendants, the job isn’t really that glamorous, and the balance between work and personal life isn’t that great either. For aerospace engineers and aircraft maintenance engineers, the work environment is never really safe and requires years of academic hard work. Yes, all these fields are very challenging and require exceptional individuals. But if you are simply not interested in them, you can always go for Aviation Management!

•    What exactly is Aviation Management?

Aviation management deals with everything related to aviation – From airline management to air traffic control. It is a complete business management related field and includes core aviation courses. The job opportunities for aviation management are amazing!

•    How Can I Get into This Field?
A bachelor’s degree in aviation management or a simple BBA is generally the requirement of stepping into the world of aviation management, but an MBA in aviation management would always have the upper hand. People pursuing this field can get jobs at airports, airline companies and even in the air force!

•    Is it worth it?
The median salary for aviation managers for 2015 was recorded to be around $162,440. Most jobs offer employees with health insurance, retirement plans, sick leave and vacation. Is it worth it? You decide!

•    What’s the scope in India?

The Indian aviation sector is constantly advancing and is in the need of talented individuals more than ever. Currently, many Indian universities are offering BBA and MBA in aviation management, the most prominent ones being NIMS University, UPES and IIAAM. The employment rate is stable and the pay is amazing!

This particular field of studies is the key that unlocks the door to the dream job for all the airport and aviation lovers. Just remember that, although aviation management is a completely business management related field, it focuses on airline management, airport management, air-traffic control, customs, aviation laws and air crash investigation training, along with basic business principles. And since the field is pretty much universal, finding a job anywhere in the world is just as easy as it is for doctors! The pay-scale of aviation managers is also very attractive.

The bottom line is, that the field of aviation management is perfect for those who would love to apply their business strategies and management skills in either the workflow of an airport, sales and marketing techniques in an airline company or applying the former in the air force. The diversity is what makes aviation management such an attractive career!

Author bio:

The above article is written by Torrieand  a professional blogger at Coursework writers. They are a team of Coursework Writing Service UK providing Coursework Help and help to those students who ask "Write My Coursework”

A Good Teacher is a Real Role Model

A role model is a person who inspires you and encourages you to move ahead in life. A person we aspire to be like, a person whom we admire from the bottom of our heart. Every individual has a role model in their life. For some of us it is parents, for some others it is siblings and friends, and the list goes on. But for majority of us, the role models are our dear teachers.We can never forget our teachers who have helped us in the growth of our career, molded our personality and been with us in the vicissitudes of life.

We spent most of our schooling time with teachers. Even when we pass out from schools there are some teachers who still remain in our heart. They are remembered each and every day and they bring are sure to bring a smile on our face.After parents, we learn most of the things from our teachers.They are the ones who know our talents, nurture our talents and shape us as perfect citizen of the country. They are epitome of all virtues and contributors of good education.A good teacher is one who is very close to their students and helps the student whenever they are in trouble. There are instances when students need a push of motivation in life and a good teacher’s words can be a sheer motivation to them. A teacher who knows the in and out of a student will surely know their mental position too. If the student is distracted, a teacher is the one who can spot it first. A good teacher can build a strong relation with the student to a great extent.

A perfect teacher does not need the aid of a stick to make the class quiet. He/ she just need words and deeds to capture the attention of students. There is a magical ability in a good teacher to lure the heart of the students.The caring mentality of teachers will always be remembered by the students. Apart from just being a tutor, good teachers are also represented as an emblem of friendship.An open attitude of teachers will always help student to be more confident and strong enough in their professional field and personal life. A jovial and energetic teacher can create a happy environment and sustain happiness in class. But at the same time, a strict and dull teacher leaves no imprint in the life of a student. Instead these teachers will always gain personal grudges and dislikes from students. Knowledge is a vast ocean and teachers are the ones who take so much effort to impart the essence of knowledge to students.

Teachers, who are always a perfect tutor, friend and guiding light to us, are the ones who shape us to a great human being. They teach us the value of human rights and emotions and also teach us perfect etiquette and manners.A good teacher always knows their priority and responsibility towards students.Apart from all the above qualities they are also the ones who can teach their subject without keeping the students in stress and boredom. They have this magical way of teaching that a student will look forward to learn. A good and ideal teacher is a great assessor, entertainer, supporter, educator and so on.They know exactly what their student needs and they are so passionate and committed towards their students that they do all kinds of help, may it be educational or personal. A good teacher is sure to stay in minds of all students.

Their classes, examples, training etc. are exceptionally considered and valued by every student.A good teacher is always a combination of hundreds of qualities and stands apart for their efficiency. Nothing more can suffice and delight a teacher than they being their student’s role model.

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Felipe Alexander, a research paper writer by profession has been working in one of the leading online research paper writing website. His great love and passion towards the research paper writing field had thriven him to provide his service to the world even after his retirement.

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What Parents can Expect from Boarding Schools

Primary education in India has been given its due importance and increasingly with Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan coming into fray, the emphasis on compulsory primary and elementary education has become significant across sections. There is a dire need to address the queries of the children and clear concepts rather than inculcating the concept of rote learning.  Education system in India at preliminary level needs to be overhauled with unique skill sets and these skills need to be developed at the primary level. Parents play a very crucial role in shaping their education by selecting the right teaching system that can cater to the actual needs of the students.

Interestingly, the bent towards private education has also gone up in the country. Boarding Schools have also made their way in being one of the best primary education providers in the country. Last month I visited Chinmaya Vidyalaya Nauni (a well-known boarding school near Shimla). This visit certainly changed my opinion towards boarding schools. This made me realize why hostel schools are getting on the top of the radar of parents in Tier I and Tier II metros and towns. Earlier, I thought the main reason for this shift from day school education to residential education was due to lack of quality time parents have for their children.

There has been a spurt in demand for worthy Boarding schools where parents are assured of right mentoring for their children. Respectable residential schools are equipped with best faculty, state-of-the art amenities and modern infrastructure that nurtures children in the most effective and efficient manner.

•    Discipline - Discipline is one of the most important factor that compels parents to send their students to these boarding schools. With great discipline comes great values.

•    Independent and Responsible – Boarding schools help kids in becoming responsible since students have to manage their basic daily tasks and homework on their own. Hence your kids learn how to best handle their needs without taking advantage of parents or siblings’ comfort zone. They are away from the overly pampered homely environment, it makes the children independent from a very early stage and they learn from their own mistakes.

•    Student focus – Hostel Schools generally have small class sizes which allows personal attention of the teachers with every student.

•    Enhances experience and Widens Horizon – Numerous courses are offered at Boarding Schools. Special emphasis is given to athletics and extracurricular activities. These residential schools has set benchmarks of performance and their results vouch for their credibility. Students are encouraged to be inquisitive, think out of box and tackle complex situations.

The decision of leaving children in a hostel is a tough one initially, however the majority of parents feel elated and proud to see their children becoming organized, confident and responsible citizens.

Author BioJeeni Peter is a content strategist and online blogger who loves to compose tips and latest trends in education industry to help students secure a better future.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Shiksha Comes up With a Hack for All JEE Aspirants

The air is buzzing with discussions regarding the recent JEE Main exam. While the offline version was held on April 4, 2015, the students have already started to anticipate their score to know results ahead of time. It’s quite a human tendency to get eager over results, as soon as the performance part is done with, right?

Just in the nick of time, has come up with a hack that would run a wide smile on the faces of all JEE aspirants- the much awaited JEE Main 2015 Rank Predictor Tool. Having introduced such student-friendly tools in the past too, Shiksha aims to help JEE candidates find the colleges and branches viable for them, on the basis of JEE Main scores.

What All Can You Expect?

Goes without saying that the JEE Main Rank Predictor tool will clearly lay out the colleges and branches regarding which the student can get hopeful, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. The aspirants will also be assisted regarding the cut-offs for admissions in the colleges they prefer. In addition to this, the efficient Rank Predictor tool will also work out the list of possible colleges, where a student can get the branches of his choice, on the basis of his JEE score.

To elucidate, the prime features that will serve at your disposal are listed below.

The College and Branch: Owing to this feature, candidates can efficiently know the colleges wherein they’ll score admission with ease, according to the rank they expect in JEE Main 2015. Moreover, the tool also provides all necessary information about the engineering branches available in different colleges in India, along with the closing ranks they cater to.

You Can Also know the College Cut-Offs: To be precise, this option lets aspirants find out the college cut-offs for various branches offered at the institutes they prefer. A comprehensive listicle regarding the same will be clearly laid-out.

Hunting a College for a Branch: Herein, the candidate can mention the engineering branch (branches) he prefers, and within a few seconds, the JEE Rank Predictor will display the possible colleges that might offer him admission, on the basis of JEE Main score.

To sum up, the Rank Predictor Tool serves what is just required for the students. Letting the aspirants face the expected results, it has proved to be a boon well-ahead of time.

Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global education market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to career and education. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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Managerial Guide for Prudent Decision Making

Every action leads to an outcome and vice versa. It holds for all personal, professional, commercial and other aspects of living. For any process, system while in action it has intermediate steps that requires judgment, decision to proceed. The judgment has to be prudent. It has to be thoughtful. Any action that is not wisely taken may lead the whole process to go for a toss. Decision making, the skill some of it has to be learned while some of it comes with age and experience.

Managers, decision makers the skills needed are special. It is not chance based judgment, what it needs is thorough understanding knowledge of the various facets of the problem in consideration.  To be managers, decision makers it is not meant for all. The individuals that make those unpopular decisions that affect those who are cared and are around every day. While some skills need to be acquired, some traits and skills are in-born that make gives such individuals an edge.

One of the key for effective decision makers is to be authoritative keeping in mind ethics, kind treatment towards co-workers. A good manager is one who can visualize the implication of the decision on the job aspect of the employee and not on the emotional effect it would have individually.

The 7 decision making steps that are essential elements of structured process are;

•    Identifying right problem or situation- The first and foremost is to identify the problem, or the opportunity that may be worthwhile. It is imperative to know, take charge of pros and cons of the problem, opportunity that may make a difference to the clientele. To identify, and analyze the problem well is utmost important without carrying which all subsequent efforts may not be that fruitful. Also, it is important to understand the importance of the opportunity if it can be missed or the consequences otherwise.

•    Collect data- Thereafter, to gather information is next. Information that is relevant and that is not. Relevant and other information that has to be segregated right and used right. Not only this, all that is around the problem has to be understood well that will be help in prudent decision making. And also, to have complete information of the owners, influencer's of the information that can help it happen or stop it from happening.

•    Understand the situation – Before taking a call, decision for a problem or an opportunity next important is to understand the alternative course of action that may be viable. The alternative course that may be more practical and have better results as well. The information after it is completely gathered, the different interpretations need to be understood as well to use in the best way. The manager or the decision maker has to be judgmental in interpreting the data in several ways.

•    Alternate thinking- Around the opportunity other possible problem options need to be analyzed also. This requires creative thinking, positive attitude to work around problems around the opportunity and to find a solution. Alternate thinking also involves asking conditional questions for the opportunity such as, ‘what if’? It also involves thinking about the situation, the opportunity should be in. Other conditional questions around the problem need to be thought also that may have an impact on the outcome.

•    Evaluate Alternatives- The alternatives of the opportunity need to be evaluated, and also the criteria that need to be used for the alternate options. Both the criteria and the alternatives have to be thoroughly evaluated not to miss on any possible solution. Not only this, the alternate options need to be evaluated for feasibility, acceptability and desirability. The alternate options how much it would be feasible for all practical purposes has to be understood also. Moving on, among the alternatives which would be the best choice is next to be evaluated.

•    Best option to be selected – It now requires critical thinking among the selected alternatives, the provisional preferred has to be identified that may have future probable adverse consequences. This requires analytical, critical thinking to make choice of the best provisional alternative. And also the probable problems that might be created with the provisional preferred alternative. To analyze further, the risks that are involved with the selection of this provisional preference.

•    Implement the decision- a plan has to be chalked out to put the decision in place. To do this, first what is needed is dedicated resources to bring in effect. The parts of the decision may be brought in to implementation by different resources that have to be identified. En suite, to know if the plan is accepted and supported by colleagues? And also it is important to know the commitment of co-workers to materialize the decision.

Author Bio: ISB&M's programs are AICTE approved and directed towards employment & career, and not only an educational degree. All the placement activities of the students are done through ISB&M Placement Cell. ISB&M's Placement Cell makes every possible effort to ensure that all students pass out with good job offer. ISB&M's training courses are highly accepted and acknowledged by industry for Management/executive level employment.

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SAP HANA Training now launches free online training for the candidates

In recent times of modern technologies and complex data management, SAP HANA can be termed as one of the most important methods or appliance. It is mainly a platform for in-memory data with cloud features. It is not only an application of in-memory data management but also a system that can help in various hardware capabilities in increasing the performance of the application, or reducing the cost of the ownership, or providing such scenarios that can provide profit to the organization.

Thus, at present times SAP HANA is an important element and application for organizations handling huge databases and hence the there is a noticeable increase in the SAP HANA – Online SAP HANA training.

SAP HANA – its applications and certification

SAP HANA Basically offers you the expertise in creating new applications for integrating the business and control logic and also the data base for better performance. SAP HANA processes deal with the data in memory hence it is a system that works with cloud.

The course for SAP HANA comes in both free course and fee –based course depending upon the site or institute that is being approached for the training. The training mainly consists of three steps that are registration, learning and then the exam. Places where you are not provided with the training and learning, you can get your exam and certification free of cost but now there are a number of places where you can get registered with a fee and then can get materials and proper training for the exam.

There are three main streams in which SAP HANA offers certification to the candidates.

Technical consultants appear for the exam of C_HANATEC_1 that has topics of data provisioning, security and authorization, installation, system architecture implementation and system architecture design to cover. The exam is of 180 minutes where you have to complete 80 questions. After passing the exam you will be awarded with the certificate of SAP certified Technology Associate.

The test C_HANAIMP_1 is for application consultants and the topics to be covered are security and authorization, reporting, optimization, data provisioning, data modeling and business content. SAP Certified Application Associate is awarded after completing 80 questions in 180 minutes.

Admins and Support Specialists is the last program for which the certificated of SAP Certified Support Associate is awarded. The candidate has to complete the exam in 180 minutes answering 80 questions that are on the topics of installation, high availability, configurations, operations, monitoring, authorizations, trace, system reports, backup and recovery and performance.

Online training for SAP HANA

The website openSAP has launched a new kind of training for the candidates applying for SAP HANA where the candidates can avail the training online and that also free of cost.

As SAP HANA helps the organization by handling databases from RAM, thus it has been forecasted that the application will be of great use for future applications such as software development, cloud applications and others. Hence, initiatives are taken so that the course can be taken by maximum people and maximum people can get trained by the free course training of the SAP HANA on openSAP.

The online course training will be imparted in English and will be a training of approximately seven weeks time. The course will be supported by a number of examples and lectures of various faculties and some of the important personalities in the industry to make the training interesting as well as to introduce the candidates to the practical sessions in SAP. Also the SAP HANA – Online SAP HANA training has been approved by a number of faculties and authorities who take this training to be one of the use of way to make the world know about SAP HANA.

 Author Bio: Priya is a professional Training consultant and adviser on SAP education and career.  She acts as a guide and provides online training for students and job aspirants in IT industry.

Saturday, December 27, 2014


Clearing CAT has always been a dream for Indian business students. Without this, the chance to get admitted into the top league of MBA colleges like IIM’s is non-existent. Today, dreams of 1.70 lakh students are on hold. As 27th December 2014 approaches the result of CAT 2014 exam would unveil itself. One can only wonder what it would bring for the MBA aspirants.
Over the years, CAT has seen a lot of changes. 2014 was no different. Administrated by Tata Consultancy Services, the duration of the exam was increased by 30 minutes from 140 to 170 minutes. Along with that questions for each section – Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation plus Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning has increased from 30 - 50. Incorporating these changes the time duration for each question was also reduced from 2.20 minutes to 1.42 Minutes.
The reduction of time has proven to be directly proportional to the difficulty level, which can have diverse effects. An Assistant professor from MDI, Gurgaon stated that as there is less time per question, the difficulty level would be toned down and because of that the cut-offs to these business schools would go up.
A senior professor from one of the IIM’s hinted that though the question paper seemed easy, the cut-offs could be higher, especially where older IIM’s are concerned. The truth would only be known once the result is out and the cut-off list is declared.

 Author Bio: Trisha is a professional writer and adviser on education and career. She is an ardent reader, a traveler and a passionate photographer. She wants to explore the world and write about whatever comes across her way.

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