Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hot career opportunities for Fresh MBA graduates

People often ask what field would suit them best if they had entrepreneurial skills since college times and wished to establish a business of their own. Undoubtedly the options are many but there is one generic approach to cater this career idea-MBA. When a person graduates with a degree of Masters in business administration, he has a billion options ahead. Not only could he apply for a job that relates to marketing, HR, supply chain management and finance but he can also begin his own small business by investing at his place of interest. Take for example the hotel industry, if a fresh graduate has some good financial backup he can easily start a mini food venture of own. He will not face many difficulties in management as he learnt all the basics in his Master’s course at university.

With the economy speeding up and job market saturating easily, career opportunities are scarce for people with not much experience. This is one reason MBA graduates are easily de-motivated and they end up opting for jobs that do not match with their education.  I will discuss some hot jobs for fresh graduates that would not only ensure a steady career growth but will allow them to make effective use of their education. 

Marketing manager: This is one great idea to begin the career, for all graduates who did majors in Marketing. Not necessarily will one get a job directly but an internship is still not a bad idea to begin with. To be specific, a marketing manager not only manages budgets but develops pricing strategies and creates advertisements as well. The annual salary package is too good and there are fine chances of growth and promotion. Also if you have pools of creativity within, this designation could get you some very lucrative bait.

HR specialists: This is a very popular option that directly relates to human resource management. For all those who did majors in HR can easily get into some good firm with the aim of making the best out of their management skills! Organizations these days truly understand the importance of good workforce which of course comes from smart recruiting. Hence hiring the right person who shall mange the HR department best becomes a tricky job. 

Teacher/instructor/supervisor: Well, many graduates during their MBA voyage excel at certain courses that leave their instructors even amazed. If your lucks fail to hit the job market and you still have the passion for the academic course you loved ignited, you know who exactly to contact. Your university will definitely give you a teaching opportunity considering your academic excellence in the particular area. Of course you can begin as a shadow teacher or an assistant professor and end up making your way high up once you get control over things. Also you can try your college if university currently doesn’t have any position vacant for such a role. 

Financial advisor: People graduating with majors in finance suppose that the only career option they have is the BANK. This is just like entering a mall and buying stuff from the first shop you see instead of exploring the whole lot. Anyways becoming a financial advisor will reap you lovely benefits if you have those counseling germs within. You will have to advise clients on methods for growing retirement savings and planning budgets for their child’s education. Debit and credit card suggestions will also be very much wanted. Here I would advise that you perform an internship in summers, in particular before studying the final year elective courses. This will not only widen the pool of knowledge but will add up more to the experience you have gained already. 

Summing it up, I discussed in the start only that job is an option for those who are more comfortable in working with a team. However if your pocket and bank accounts permit you can always seek or a good investment opportunity and make the best of your entrepreneurial talent. 

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