Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Career in Animation

An animator works to create cartoon films, video games, TV serials, promotional films and anything else which uses animation. The industry kick-started only in the mid-90s but is already growing in India almost as fast as the IT industry. India is a major hub of outsourcing of animation work by production houses and studios in the US, Canada and other countries abroad.

It was with Walt Disney's creation of first cartoon character that animation witnessed a modest beginning in 1928. But the subsequent years saw a deluge of cartoon characters becoming a part and parcel of daily life. Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry, Dennis the Menace are some of the notable characters. Animators provide services in 2D Animation (classical, traditional and semi-classical animation), 3D Animation, Special Effects (morphing, colour correction, blue screen, composting), Editing (linear and non-linear), Post Production. While 2D animation can be cell, puppet or sand animation, clay modeling, cut - out animation or computer generated; it goes through the stages of story, boarding, character development on paper, background and layout, scanning, inking and painting, key frames and in between sound - effects and editing. Therefore, a one hour film takes almost one year of hard work. As the name suggests, 2D animation generates characters like what we see in Cartoon Network. Animation is basically giving motion to an object - to give appearance of movement using varying drawings. Every frame is drawn individually with gradual variation does in it. The procedure is hard, and requires patience. The drawings are then played at the desired speed, which makes the static images look like one smooth picture.
The 3D animation also goes through the similar processes but uses more sophisticated gadgets and processes. Real and life like features of characters created through 3D animation can only be restricted by the creator's imagination.

There are computer animators who work on computers to make their characters come alive. But there are also cartoon animators who draw the pictures for the animated movies. Most computer animators draw their characters by hand and then plug them into the computer to make them act out their part in the movie or the commercial.

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