Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Animation And Multimedia – Courses

If you like the world of graphics and beautiful images, and if 3D images and colorful graphics fascinate you then a career in animation and multimedia is just the right course for you to follow.
In today’s modern time there is a kaleidoscope outlook to the world of multimedia and animation which is a part of many areas like – movies, television adds, games, internet etc. due to its gaining popularity and wide spread one can see a increase in the number of animation colleges and institutes offering various animation courses like –
  • Graphic designing
  • Animation for film design
  • Video and film communication
  • New media
  • Software and UI design
  • Information and digital design
Animation is nothing but drawing, which is presented on form of a 3D image. The process of capturing, storing, manipulating and then presenting multiple media all falls under animation and its techniques. Computer is used to create a movement to these animation figures like in form of cartoons and animated movies. A course in animation can be broadly divided into four key areas or steps which includes – first a basic visual script is prepared consisting of the animation figures, scenes, and characters, then they are scanned and analyzed and are converted into 3D format, third step is where movement is inserted into these 3D animations and finally other features like shadow, color, light, sound, texture etc are put in. A student pursuing a course in animation has to learn and perform all these activities and also know how to print and produce these images.

Multimedia is on the other hand the technology which compiles of audio, video, graphics, pictures, text, photographs, illustrations and animations all in one. One looking forward to pursue multimedia courses should know that it’s the very basis of the convergence of telecommunication, data communication, visual arts, video and audio communication, publishing, cinematography, gaming, entertainment and professional electronics. Multimedia is not only subjected to movies, in fact it has a wide spread usage: 

-Fashion industry uses it to virtually create a prototype of their designs,
-Business world uses it in their business presentations,
-CBI uses it for recording and tracking of criminals, besides these many industries use it like – hair stylists, animation institutes and specialists, textile designing, graphic designing etc. 

Hence its pretty evident that both animation and multimedia are used in a wide range of area and spheres, due to which a rise is seen in students enrolling for courses in animation and multimedia in turn giving rise to many well reputed institutes and colleges in India as well as abroad like – Maya academy, CEDTI, Zica studio, ZED institute, international academy of design, Arena multimedia etc.


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