Monday, November 23, 2009

IT (Information Technology) Software Job Types

IT (Information Technology) Software jobs are in systems software and application software.
  • Systems software developers work on operating systems which are crucial to software. This system determines the way the computer will work. When a new computer is manufactured, the systems software engineer writes the code for the operating system and checks the functioning of the computer.
  • Application software is a design program for specific use, i.e., it helps in the use of the computer. (Continued...)

System programmer/Software engineer

  • Research, develop and adapt application programs for computer systems
  • Create new programs and, sometimes, new languages
  • Find employment with software firms, computer manufacturers, large firms who use computers and develop their own programs
  • Work as individuals writing a program for one particular task or as part of a team to write a more complex and sophisticated program.
  • Quality testing against pre-defined standards to ensure the program functions correctly.
  • Create and adapt software

Systems Analyst

  • Analyses and understands the company's needs and the kind of work involved
  • Understands and documents the way in which an organization controls its work.
  • Determines which procedures can best be executed by computers
  • Provides cost-effective solution by outlining and developing a new system.
  • System design commences. The objective is improvement of the information systems in the business and carrying out existing procedures more effectively if possible.
  • Leads to the development of an information system together with its database
  • Alternatively, the existing system might need to be evaluated as to its suitability and efficiency. Sometimes the Systems Analyst may design a new system entirely.


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