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IT (Information Technology) Job prospects

Job prospects in IT include Application software jobs which further can be categorized as mentioned below.

Application Software is a design program for specific use, i.e., it helps in the use of the computer.

Application Programmers:
  • Design & write specific programs which tell the computer what to do
  • These programs are tailored to a specific task and function, and involve large systems which may be interlinked
  • Working on briefs by systems analysts or designers and working together with them for part of a project as a team.
  • Following the designer's instructions to allow the computer system to operate effectively.
  • Use certain computer languages, to write an application for a computer
  • After coding is complete, the software is tested to ensure that the program functions accurately and that there are no faults. This is a time consuming process
  • Reprogramming and changes may be needed at this stage
  • Programmers specialize in applications for mainframes, minicomputers or PCs
EDP Manager:
  • EDP managers are responsible for assimilating technology into the company.

  • Online Business : Electronic commerce is the convergence of computers & telecommunication technologies
  • E-commerce has generated an Internet economy activating world wide marketing and banking activities
  • Professionals working for this are 'Infomediaries' - trained to use virtual skills to turn data into useable information via a community based buying environment or powerful technology based buying aids
  • Information based and involves consumer/buyer information and services, developing and managing seller 'Web-Portals', creation of Internet market, virtual customer management, consulting, etc. Network economy is envisaged to generate opportunities in knowledge management, software programming on the Internet, central banking and the like.
Enterprise Resource Planning:
  • Used for planning the resources of the entire worldwide network of an enterprise
  • Sales, service, distribution, marketing, purchase, manufacturing, inventory, finance, accounts etc. are integrated on one software backbone through ERP
Database Management:
  • Information is data and IT systems deal with managing of information. Most popular of database is the Relational databases (RDBMS) used by major corporates and banks.
Operating Jobs
  • Enter data into the machine and are employed in all user and consultancy units, large and small. Could also be the end user.

Computer Operators:

  • The duties of computer and peripheral equipment operators vary with the size of the installation, the type of equipment used, and the policies of the employer.
  • In organisations with small computer systems - computer operators may run both the computer and all the peripheral equipment such as printer, disk drives and tape readers.
  • In large computer organizations - computer operators specialise in console operation while peripheral equipment operators run the related devices.
  • Computer operators work according to operating instructions prepared by programmers or operations managers. They set controls on the computer and on peripheral devices required to run a particular job. While the computer is running, computer operators monitor the computer and, if an error message appears operators locate the problem and solve it or terminate the program.
Marketing Jobs - Marketing Advisors
  • Marketing stream covers the sale of hardware as well as software
  • Work for computer manufacturers and companies representing manufacturer or computer firms that stock products of more than one manufacturer.
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