Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Internship season is on !!

I know it’s not news for you, you all are very well aware of the fact as in how to best utilize your holidays. But this is just a reminder for you to make the maximum use of the summer holidays. All the students studying in the colleges of India know it very well that summer holidays is the time when you should enroll yourselves as interns with few of the best organization to gain experience in your respective arena for that particular time period. Internships, with established companies, makes a student take the feel of the work culture of his concerned area.

Though, most of the prestigious colleges of India have tie- ups with top nosh organizations of the country, but, the students of those colleges who do not facilitate their students with internships need to crack tough nuts, to grab internships. Even some organizations arrange tests for the students to give fair chance to everybody. So, all you need is to keep your eyes and ear open. Also, the colleges, which provide internships, do not provide internships to all. So, students cannot be fully dependent on their colleges, they have to be capable enough to find an internship opportunity for themselves.

Also, this is the time, when most of the companies give chance to the young talent by exploring their capabilities. By doing internship in your respective field, you can have in depth knowledge about your subject and can also tend to have a practical hand in your course. This is a great opportunity for you to build contacts with the people of your sector and also the certificate you earn, can prove to be a great asset for your future growth. So, what are you waiting for, go and secure your future by grabbing an internship for yourself.

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