Thursday, September 16, 2010

Impact of technology on education

Technology and various communication processes have lead to the development of different sectors, and have added to their growth in a big way. We all have become technology freak and get highly attracted to the latest developments, which make our lives easier in one way or the other. Even the fundamentalism of our life has changed with the introduction of technology in almost every part of our lives. Starting from the early morning, our life is totally dependent on technology and hence has landed us to a stage where we just cannot live without the use of automated tools. To let the students learn the basics of these education processes, the colleges in India, have started introducing courses, which would train the students in the subjects pertaining to the latest demands of the industry.

The subjects have been modified and the curriculum has been set according to the requirement of the respective industry. Other than introducing courses as per the latest demands, the schools and colleges of India, have also started adopting the latest technologies to teach the students. Many new ways have been introduced in the country, which provide various opportunities to its students to enhance their skills and face the competition globally. The institutes and the colleges are no doubt trying to match the pace with the rest of the world, but our teachers and the dictators, imparting education to the students need to upgrade their skills.

It is highly imperative for the growth of the students to have well trained teachers. The teachers of the schools and colleges needs to be updated by the medium of workshops or training sessions, so that they are able to synchronise with the time and technology. We need to come over from the traditional method of teaching and adopt new methodologies of teaching. A solution needs to be brought out, which would be a mixture of the traditional and the technological ways, which would instil the all the latest developments in the students. 


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