Monday, October 29, 2012

Chocolatier As a Career Option

The following post gives an overview of chocolatier a profession

Culinary Industry is an offshoot of the Travel, Tourism and Hotel Management Industry. An upcoming industry, it has many rewarding career choices. We are aware of professionals like chef, tea taster, wine taster and so on. Similarly, an upcoming profession of the industry happens to be Chocolatier. It is one such appetizing career that people are not much aware of, but has much scope as chocolates are always in demand to the young and old alike.

Chocolate is unique in that it can be both a fundamental ingredient and the finished product by itself. Derived from the beans of the cacao tree, the cocoa pods undergo a complex process before we get to consume the sweet dessert.

A chocolatier is an expert who makes sweets from chocolate. The art of making chocolate are usually offered along with Food and Bakery Courses offered by hotel management colleges. Hotel management colleges in Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata and other cities offer courses in Food and Bakery.

Most of the Chocolatiers generally start out as confectionery or pastry chefs. Being a good chocolatier involves perfecting the art of working with chocolate not only in order to create delicious desserts but also making beautifully crafted pieces of chocolate. A professional chocolatier uses his extensive knowledge involving flavor texture, and other properties of chocolate in order to create candies or bars. Some basic knowledge of a chocolatier includes melt, mold and temper all three types of chocolates like, white, dark and milk chocolate.

Since chocolate making is an art, a successful chocolatier must possess a lot of creative imagination, aesthetic sense combined with a vision to create a business that yields profit.

A chocolatier’s success depends upon the combination involving a sense of creativity and ability to sell his or her product. Chocolatiers are development personnel and their salary can go up to as much as Rs.1 lakh a month. The bottom line is, since there is less competition in the market, being a chocolatier can turn out to be a good career option.


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