Saturday, May 30, 2009

Interior Designing course

Interior designing profession applies to anything related to space – windows, walls, finishes, textures, light, furnishings and furniture etc. As now a days people are becoming conscious about interiors of restaurants, hotels, offices, community centres, clubs, auditoriums, theatres, homes and all other things which can be given style and d├ęcor, also awareness to improve the living environment and interior spaces is increasing so that it can match with comfort and style. Interior designing courses are becoming popular now a days. Hence, the demand for interior designers is also increasing.
Interior designers work with architects, technical experts, building consultants whereas interior decorators work with furniture, furnishings, colour schemes, decorations and arrangements. Apart from being creative Interior designers must have analytical bent of mind and have technical knowledge of buildings, interior spaces, electrical circuits installation so that they can prepare optimized layout plans.
Employment Opportunities
Interior designers work with various firms like architectural firms; they work on small projects like residential projects, shops, showrooms or large commercial projects like airports, hotels, shopping malls etc. They can also choose entrepreneurship as a option. Also how much an Interior designer can earn depends on its reputation, no of years of experience. Some interior designers charge per minute fee or per hour fee whereas others charge flat fee for whole project
Fresher’s also have bright scope in interior designing they can start their work with some stipend or assist any other interior designer and get on the job training and some experience or can find employment in paint companies, hotel industry or advertising agency.


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