Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fashion Modelling Career and Types

Fashion modeling is a field which consists of glamour, lime light, thrill and fame.
The prime purpose for fashion modeling is to pose for ramp shows, fashion shows, fashion photography and the print media, some specialize in a few of those but mostly models are a part of all these fields. The fashion industry produces many fashion garments and attires, models are the medium of presenting it in front of media and public by doing ramp shows or photographs.

There are broadly three types of modeling:
 Live shows for fashion industry i.e. the ramp shows
 Photography modeling/electronic media i.e. still modeling.

Live modeling: here fashion models exhibit costume and accessories to likely clients and people in a professionally planned and choreographed manner to give a pleasing and lasting effect. Big designers and brand names prepare garments which these models display by wearing them during the ramp shows in order to make it reach out to those who matter. Models need poise, natural movements, elegance, beauty, and grace so as to enhance the look of the attire and look good on the ramp, bringing in positive attention that is required.

Photographic modeling: the photographers i.e. professional fashion photographers need professional models to display the attires etc that they are marketing. The set up is prepared in studios or outdoor locations where the pictures are clicked, usually promoting designer wears or big brand which are later displayed in magazines and papers even on televisions at times. There are many non fashion sectors where modeling is done like stores, furniture, gadgets, appliances, food products, TV adds, user products like shampoos soaps etc. Electronic media modeling is also similar to still photography modeling in many areas.

If one wishes to pursue photography courses or fashion modeling, there are many well reputed colleges in India and abroad for this purpose where they train, polish and prepare upcoming prospective models. Though its not a cake walk, its strenuous and tiring job, long shooting hours, travelling to different locations, long hours of practicing etc. The career prospective are very bright as the fashion industry needs new and attractive faces for its brand and product promotion.


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