Thursday, June 4, 2009

Telecommunication And Electronic Engineering- Work And Courses

Electronic engineering is basically the study of various electronic devices and equipments. The scientific formula and theories relating to electric flow of current, conductors, gases, liquid, fluids, vacuum and super conductors etc similarly Telecommunication on the other hand is also a fast growing field, all the more due to enhanced and ever rising technology like telephone voice processing equipments, telephones with touch tone facility, cellular phones, wireless, microwave technology, satellite technology, etc.
The electronic engineering and the telecommunication engineering have vast range of products that are majorly used in four different areas which are -
  • First is the Area of the defence and space sector. It involves all their programmes, communication lines, storage memory.
  • Second is the area comprising of the industrial sector using up products related to electric and telecommunication engineering, equipments like electronic equipments used in every day office, testing devices etc.
  • Third area is the every day basic products for consumer purpose like microwaves, televisions, ovens, music players etc.
  • Fourth is the area that comprises of various complex electronic components like circuits, microprocessors, transistors, picture tubes of televisions etc.
Hence if one is looking for a career in engineering course then one need to go for a graduation course in engineering by passing a basic entrance exam after 10+2, also one need to have math’s and physics in 12th. Besides there are various colleges and universities offering this course like – AV college of engineering, BITS pillani, BMS college of engineering, anna university, IIT, IGIT University, etc.


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