Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Air Cabin Crew as a Career

If you don’t find 9 to 5 job interesting and want some challenging job and enjoys meeting people then air cabin crew job is for you. Cabin Crew basically takes care of passenger’s safety and ensures that passengers have a safe and pleasant journey. They are basically responsible for checking whether aircraft equipment is in order, toilets and aircraft is neat and tidy, food is fresh and whether it’s available in sufficient quantity or not also first aid and other emergency kits are there or not.
Many youngsters have been attracted to this profession because as it is a glamorous job and also pay scales are attractive in domestic airlines and in case of international airlines it is 3 times. Besides that you also get opportunity to travel free with your family as free air tickets are given to employees.
Work Environment
The cabin crew job is very flexible one need to stretch and might need to travel anywhere anytime. Sometimes it can be trying also you have to stand long during the flight still it does not make it a monotonous job. Cabin crew needs to serve 75 to 80 hours a month on their job and some of them even gets 10-12 days off a month.
If you are in age group of 19-25 years and have degree or diploma in hotel management course or travel and tourism course then preference will be given to you, even some airlines select people after 12th also if they are confident, smart and have good health and stamina. Besides that there are other criteria also which you have to fulfill like minimum height, weight, vision etc and clear the written tests for the selection. Once selection is done they selected candidates undergoes training.


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