Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Education Options in Singapore

For an Indian student studying in Singapore will be a good option as it is an Asian country and shares similarities with India, there are many Indian nationals in Singapore as well. Not only is Singapore known for its beauty ad tourist attraction but it also happens to be a reliable education destination. The facilities and education provided makes the universities here one of the best on the globe, in fact the government itself spends a huge amount of money on education and Singapore colleges.
Singapore happens to be multi cultural country like India itself; hence the troubles of fitting in or loneliness will be at bay for Indian students opting to study abroad in Singapore. It provides its students with a globally recognized degree and education system, the education system prevailing here is not only limited to theoretical knowledge but it also imparts practical and professional knowledge to its students. The universities in Singapore give a great emphasis to prepare its students to be successful in the global market by encouraging them to participate in various research programmes, studies, internships, practical trainings etc.
The Singapore education system here is so impressive that prestigious international universities have opened their branches here in Singapore like the Ivy League. There are four universities that has been registered by the ministry of education –
# Nanayang technological university.
# National university of Singapore (the top university of Singapore, attracting students on a regular basis)
# SIM University.
# Singapore Management University.
Hence it’s evident how high the quality of education and resources there is. Singapore University not only offers regular courses like engineering, management etc but a wide range of courses to choose from like – fine arts, performing arts, designing, hospitality, sports, tourism etc.
For higher education the universities follow a bi semester system, though the academic seasons vary as per different universities. The national university of Singapore (NUS) has various top universities collaborating to it like – Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Eindhoven, Massachusetts institute of technology and Georgia University.
Hence it would be a good destination for those planning to study abroad, there is also provision of financial aid for international students like tuitions fees loan, study loan etc.


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