Friday, August 21, 2009

Marine engineering - Career Oppurtunities

The field of marine engineering is one of the most popular choices when it comes to pick a course and a career for young men who dream to sail in the sea. After pursuing a course in marine engineering one can go for either – merchant navy or marine engineering as per choice and availability.
There are many institutes that offer training courses in marine engineering both in India as well as abroad. The demand for this career is increasing day by day due to many factors like the challenging nature of job, high profile, huge amount of money, seeing new places, being a part of Indian navy is an honor in itself, due to which many well reputed institutes all over the globe offer courses in marine navy. Some of the marine engineering colleges include:
  • Don Bosco maritime academy – Mumbai.
  • Institute of maritime studies (IMS) – Goa
  • Vels group of maritime colleges – chennai
  • Lal bahadur shastri college of advanced maritime studies and research – Mumbai
  • Academy of maritime education and training – chennai.
  • Samundra institute of maritime (SIMS) – Mumbai
  • Naval Maritime Academy - Andhra Pradesh
The studies in this field include studies which are essential to obtain a valid license to pursue a career in different fields of merchant navy like – nautical science, marine engineering, ship stability, navigation, chart work, cargo work etc.
One must have science i.e. physics, chemistry and math’s in their 10+2 to pursue a course in marine navy. The marine engineering course is structured in such a way that it prepares the students from science stream to become a successful merchant navy officer handling charge on deck. to become a marine officer one needs to be fine skilled and trained as its a huge responsibility, marine navy takes care sea transport of carrying cargos from one county to another, more then 90% on trade is done via shipping hence a minute error can do a great damage.
Merchant navy is broadly divided into two sections one is – deck/navigation and the other is the engine. Both sections require skilled personnel to take care of it and handle it while sailing as it involves many big and small components like container vessel, cargo ships, vessels, bulk carriers, oil tankers, passenger ships and much more, which is why having science in 10+2 is a must to be a marine officer.
Although sailing half a year or more then one year is not an easy job, life sure is challenging but it’s not bad. if you like challenges and traveling and are capable of handling complexities and wish to earn huge then marine engineering/ merchant navy is the field for you.


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