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Career in Interior Designing courses

Just like a sculptor gives shape to clay, carves and moulds it, an interior designer defines space to give it meaning, achieves harmony and lends it aura. All this with an application of the three basic principles of interior design – color, scale and proportion.
Since interiors are an extension of one's personality, an interior designer has to essentially be a people’s person. Designers need to understand attitudes, lifestyles and cultural preferences, and take all three into account in their designs. In addition, they have to keep in mind the hobbies and habits and lets not forget the budget (good taste need not necessarily be expensive) of the person they are designing for.
Interior designing colleges provide designing courses ranging from 3 - 5 years. You can specialise in doing interiors for theatres, art galleries, and sets for various events, exhibitions and window displays. Landscaping and interior designing based on Vaastu / Fengshui principles are other emerging fields an interior designer can explore.
If you are artistically inclined, have a good taste in furnishings, a keen eye for objects and accessories, terracotta pots, candle stands, paintings and bits and pieces of furniture that create an ambience, do give this career option a thought.

The Job :

Interior designing

  • Interior designers have technical knowledge of buildings and structures
  • Plan interior spaces, ventilation, electrical circuits and installations, drainage and water supply, air conditioning and heating systems
  • Prepare layout plans, elevations, perspectives and even prepare sample models
  • Keep themselves updated about the latest materials and products available in the market for creating beautiful and interesting interiors.

Interior decorators

  • Interior decorators suggest use of colour, textures, fabrics and decorative materials and light effects
  • Also give advice on layout and furniture in creating an attractive and functional interior.

Theatre and set designers

  • Theatre and set designers work on stage decor and also for film and TV sets
  • Designers work as per the director's plan for the whole production, e.g., set design varies for a play or a musical show
  • The design fits into the scene
  • In film and TV, the chief designer is often called the art director who briefs the carpenters, lighting technicians, set dressers and decorators.

Exhibition designers

  • Exhibition design begins with planning entire exhibition sites to designing individual stands and stalls, display panels to project an image within the exhibition itself.

Window display designers

  • Window display ranges from the shop window of a typical shop to a special occasion driven decor, for example Diwali displays
  • Fashion shops often have spring, summer, autumn and winter collection on display. Ways of presentation vary from designer to designer.
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