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Research Biotechnology Genetics Job Overview

The work is generally carried out in the laboratories, as it is a scientific research oriented field.

The Job

General job content for Research / Biotechnology / Genetics involves -
  • Clone and express a gene of interest
  • Carry out genetic manipulation of cells using recombinant DNA technology
  • Conduct immunological diagnostic procedures
  • Aid in forensic investigation by DNA finger printing analysis and other molecular biological techniques
  • Identify specific antibody producing hybrid cell lines and use them for production of therapeutic agents
  • Produce vaccines
  • Synthesize commercial products like antibodies and other biomolecules by recombinant microorganisms
  • Produce biofertilizers
  • Isolate and identify microorganism useful in biodegradation and produce in large scale
  • Access and use molecular biology data bases using internet.
Working in biotechnology involves research, manufacturing, quality control and marketing. Labs and companies employ people from diverse backgrounds.

Scientists work in research and development, as well as in quality control.

Research Scientists are responsible for identifying patentable inventions and, directing and conducting their individual experiments. They
  • Investigate, create, and develop new methods and technologies for project advancement
  • Make detailed observations, analyzes data, and interprets results
  • Prepare technical reports, summaries, protocols, and quantitative analyses
  • Maintain familiarity with current scientific literature,
  • Participate in scientific conferences and contribute to scientific journals
Scientists in Quality Control are responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining a) quality standards b) environmental and health standards during the manufacturing process.

They :
  • Conduct routine and non-routine analysis of raw materials
  • Compile and review data for test procedures and reports abnormalities
  • Inspect plant areas to ensure compliance with safety and environment regulations
  • Evaluate new equipment and raw materials for safety
  • Monitor employee exposure to chemicals and other toxic substances
  • Engineers maintain, design and optimize a) processes for manufacturing drugs b) equipment used in labs during the research process and in plants during the manufacturing process.

A Manufacturing Engineer is responsible for :
  • Developing, implementing, and maintaining methods, operation sequences, and processes during manufacturing
  • Estimating manufacturing costs, determining time standards
  • Making recommendations for process requirements of new or existing product lines
  • Problem solving with regard to equipment and systems in the manufacturing process
  • Design and start-up of new manufacturing facilities and equipment
  • Engineers working in process development are responsible for
  • Design and implementation of production procedures to optimize manufacturing processes
  • Developing new processes and technologies with higher yield and lower costs
  • New product scale-up and technology transfer
  • Establishing future process and equipment automation technology
Physicians design clinical trials to evaluate the safety and efficacy of new drugs. They are responsible for:
  • Designing, implementation and overall direction of clinical research projects
  • Coordinating activities of associates to ensure compliance with protocol and overall clinical objectives.
  • Travel to field sites to supervise and coordinate clinical studies.
  • Evaluating and analyzing clinical data
  • Presenting findings of clinical trials and recommending research and policy initiatives on drugs under trial

Computer programmers and IT specialists build systems to model molecular structures. This area is referred to as BioInformatics. Computer programmers and IT analysts
  • Design and develop computer programs for the solution of scientific or engineering problems and for the support of research and development efforts.
  • Devise logical procedures, prepare flow charts, perform coding, test and debug programs.
  • Analyze existing systems and formulate logic for new systems
  • Provide inputs for the documentation of new or existing programs
  • Determine system specification, input/output processes, and working parameters for hardware/software compatibility
MBAs and business graduates are responsible for the running and growth of the company or lab’s business and profits.

Salespeople convince doctors and other medical professionals, managed care organizations, and government agencies to give their companies products preferential status.

Finance Professionals track the movement of the vast sums of money that are borrowed, made, and spent both within a company and around the industry.

Marketing and Business Development professionals create and execute marketing plans for established and fledgling drugs and compete for the rights to ideas and technologies that might give their firms an edge in the race for the industry’s most sought after goal: an FDA-approvable, marketable compound that gives patients relief without unpleasant side effects.


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