Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Education- a birth right !

A country or even this world without women is impossible, it’s not only because of her biological powers, but there are many other qualities, which credits to the importance and need of women in the society. In spite of seeing Girls topping in all the fields of education, we do not encourage girl education. India from the starting has given importance and due priority to education, but still somewhere we as the citizens of the country, has backstabbed the nation towards its growth, yes by not encouraging girl education and putting them under the scanner of gender discrimination.

We always pressurise on education, but whose education boys education, girl’s education still takes a back seat when it comes for prioritising education and family, we always prefer girls getting married early, rather than completing their education and becoming self- dependent. The factor of marriage always overpowers the integrity of a woman, when we say that education is a birth right, then why don’t we implement it equally on all the children irrespective of their gender.

You must be thinking I am talking about past, things are not like the same now, but you are wrong still there are many young girls in the country, who don’t get to complete even their primary level of education, forget about completing the graduation or professional courses from a quality recognised college or school. Government has taken steps, it has opened schools, that too free schools or with very minimal fees, but its our duty now, to make it sure that these facilities are utilised properly and the laws passed by the government are implemented by each and every citizen, that is the only way we would be able to produce more of Kiran Bedi’s and Kalpana Chawla in the country, and help the country prosper. Such improvisations and executions will let more women of our country get the reason to participate and celebrate each day as a women’s day.


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