Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Game developing - an exciting career opportunity

Games, adventure, sports, entertainment, are the factors, which have slowly become the necessity of the youngsters these days. Whether it’s a student or working person, you or me, everybody wants the element of fun in their lives. Life fully loaded with work, all day, becomes monotonous and leads to the birth of boreness and stagnancy in our life. I am sure you must also be accessing one or the other social networking site in between your work time, to relax your mind for a while. These social networking sites or internet as a whole has taken the role of gaming parlour these days. Though the fun of going out and playing at a parlour cannot match the internet games, yet due to the scarcity of time, such internet games are becoming very popular among the youngsters as well as the working class.
Have you ever thought, how these games are built and who invesnts such interesting and mind boggling ideas. Some times it takes a number of days for a person to understand the gaming method and its intricacies to play the game think how difficult it would be to develop these games. The professionals involved in this career are called game developers. With the increasing popularity of these games, many students are seen opting for game developing as a career opportunity. Also, there are many schools, institutes and colleges in India and abroad which provide courses in gaming. Animation is also an important part of game development, a student should know, other than knowing the programming techniques of the software. Some of the schools, which I could find providing courses in gaming are:
National Institute of Design
Picasso Animation College
Academy of Animation and Gaming
CG Mantra
Gecko Animation
Animation Training School
Other than these institutes providing courses in gaming, there are many workshops taken by professionals to upgrade the working class in this field. Gaming in itself has become an industry, and unlike all other careers, its an exiting field to deal with. So, students interested in these fields can see a good career growth in the coming future with online games overpowering the other entertainment factors of life.


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