Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Foreign Universities coming to India

Foreign universities, foreign education, has always been a craze among students. Foreign degrees in higher education even do wonders for students in terms of preference in job opportunities. Students with degrees from foreign universities are in high demand comparative to degrees from Indian schools and colleges. The major factor involved in courses from foreign universities, is the price and the difference in lifestyle and culture of the foreigners from India. Now students don’t have to worry about their adjustments in the foreign land, and the extra pounds they had to shed for food, house rents and many other things. The students now can earn foreign degrees, studying in their country only, without sacrificing the love of their mom and the home food, which are the most prominent things which are said to be missed by students.

I m not exaggerating anything, I am just writing, according to the Foreign Educational Institutional bill passed, by the Union Cabinet of Indian Government. The bill states the biggest milestone in the Indian education sector, as per which, foreign universities are now onwards allowed to set campus in India. Yes, I am, not kidding, finally the dreams of many foreign universities have got fulfilled, and they have already approached many Indian institutions for tie ups. The entry to these institutions would be in the form of tie up and associations with top Indian universities and large business groups.

Though, the approval for 200 universities is pending, covering few of the top universities like Cambridge and Oxford. India has proved to be a great market for the education industry, because of the level and standards of school education in the country, many foreign universities want to open campuses in India, so that they get to the produce the cream of the society. It’s good for the future of the students of India as well, because it will give birth to more choices for the students to opt as a career and advancements in term of educational practices and the methods to disseminate information to the students will be seen.


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