Thursday, April 8, 2010

RTE- a step towards a developed nation

RTE or right to free and compulsory education for children is a step by the government of India, which is bound to make major reforms in the education system of the country, thereby, marking a noticeable growth in the country’s economic condition. According to the act, children from the age of six to fourteen are entitled to free and compulsory education from a neighbourhood government school. There is no direct or indirect fees attached with this system, the children can seek free elementary education from the government. The passing of the RTE Act 2009, is said to be a historic moment in the country’s development, due to the fact that it will act as a key to the dreams of all the unprivileged children who because of their financial conditions are not able to attend schools.

Also, with the increasing prices of all the commodities, parents these days are very worried about the rising fees of the schools. Free education at the elementary level will work as a relief for parents and will allow then to save money for the higher education of their children, which we all know is touching heights these days. Government has also planned to provide training to the teachers about all the advanced technologies and teaching methods, to impart best education to the students. This will also help in improvising the image of education standards of government schools in the country.

Special measures would be taken to ensure children friendly environment and to motivate them to learn and study. School management committees will be formed in every school, which will be entitled to work for the betterment of the students and ensure that proper standards of education are maintained in the school. Well, all this many more reformatory measures are said to be covered under the RTE Act 2009, but what a common man like you and me would wait for, is the implementation of these acts. Implementation of these acts would ensure a developmental and hassle free growth for our future generation and thereby making education a birth right for every individual, leading the country towards the tag of a developed nation.


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