Friday, May 28, 2010

Admission time !!

Results are out, and what is in the mind of every student is admission into few of the most prestigious colleges of India. Results are the time, which decide the future of many students of the country. Anyhow scoring good marks in board exams in India is a factor which is directly related to the pride of the whole family of the student. If you get to score high marks in senior secondary examination, then you surely have booked a seat for yourself in the top most colleges of India. Students from the very starting of the year, put in a lot of efforts to produce the best of their results at the end of the session.

Though, these days’ students have loads of other opportunities, which do not require you to be a master blaster in academics. But, it is the aim of every student to fulfill the expectations of his teachers and family. Also, it is true, that a student's capability cannot be judged in those three hours of examination. Therefore, most of the top colleges in India have entrance examinations in respective subjects. Giving these examinations are basically the methods, which paves the way towards the students destined courses and subjects.

You must be thinking that final results are the showcase of what a student has studied throughout the year. This is absolutely true, but we believe it or not, somewhere, somehow, sometimes, luck also plays a vital role. Well there are many contradictory and supporting things, which can be raised as discussion. But for now I hope you all have scored well in 12th boards, and these marks will surely help you in succeeding in your goals. And yes not to forget, the 10th boards, whose results have come out today and with the grace of god all the 10th board students must be having a gala time right now!


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