Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Admission in DU becoming a business !!

This morning while listening to radio, in one of the stations the RJ mentioned DU as city in itself, a city in which finding a place for yourself has really become a tough nut to crack. The students find it a head breaking task to grab a seat for themselves in one of the few prestigious colleges of DU. There are entrance exams conducted by few colleges for the courses which has limited number of seats. These exams test the student’s capability and efficiency for the particular seat and to find out that their intelligence matches the requirement of the seat or not! This is also to give a fair chance to every student.

DU has become a brand in itself, taking admission in which is like a marathon, where you have to run and work harder to prove your capability for the particular seat. Students these days are really finicky about their career, that while taking admission in the colleges, they don’t even give importance to the route they are opting, what matters to them is the achievement of the end point i.e. Admission in a DU college. There are many admission agents present in the market, who claim to provide admission to students in the college of their choice. In such case, the college is of the choice of the student but the price is of the choice of the agent, which normally ranges in lacs. Yes you read it right, they charge money, it has actually become a business, a business, which stands on the cost of the other student’s career, which were eligible for the respective seat.

Money is powerful, no doubt, but overpowering others talent on the basis of money is no fare means. The student should take admission in a college on the basis of their merit results or by proving their capability. Paying money for the college seat is the worst thing to do. By doing this you are not only snatching others right but acting as a hurdle to the growth of the country. Because if you have not cleared the admission criteria, it means you are not fit for the seat and wont be able to do justice with the role to be played by the mindset worth that seat.


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