Monday, June 14, 2010

Increasing demand of domestic pilots in India

Flying high in the sky is a dream, which every one of us sees from the childhood. I wish I were a bird, is the poem we have rhymed in school. Every one of us has this hidden wish of flying free like a bird. Though, we cannot fly actually like a bird, but still we have got many techniques developed, using which we can experience the power of flying high, and several feet above the ground. Planes, helicopters, jet planes, parachutes, are few of the ways, through one can touch the sky. And just imagine how cool it must be for the pilots, who actually get to fly these techniques, the planes, etc.

Being a pilot is one of the most respective and the commendable career options in aviation industry. There are many institutes in India, which provide training in the aviation sector. And now the good news for the Indian pilots is that under the Directorate General of Civil Aviation programme, it has been decided to phase out the expatriate pilots from the Indian aviation sector. This will surely lead to an increase in demand of domestic pilots in the country. This will also work as a motivational factor for all the young Indians, who aim to become a pilot, but due to the less number of vacancies, have not been able to succeed.

The institutes for aviation in India, will also be highly influenced by this and would surely be pressurised to produce more of talented Indian pilots for the country. The students in this profession are highly paid and even the starting salary of the students is very impressive, where they get to learn and earn at the same time. 31st July, 2010 has been given as the deadline to many airline operators, to lay off the expatriates from the Indian aviation sector, making ways for the Indian aviation degree holders to apply for the posts. So, if you are planning for a career in aviation industry, then opting for being a pilot can be a very lucrative career field.


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