Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Course in e-governance

Computers or the world of technology has changed the meaning of our existence. Today, we have got so much dependent on developments in the IT field, that from the starting of our day, till the time, we go back to our dream world; we are surrounded by different technologies, which make our life rolling in the right direction. The growth of the country is also to a great extent dependent on the frequent use of these technologies, which further increases the production value and saves time and energy. Government and the private companies are also at every stage implying these technologies to make their work easier. One most important task, which is the basis of the growth of every company, whether private or public is the feedback of its target audience.

Therefore making the communication process easier, between the sender and the receiver, e- governance is the word, which is practised by most of the private and government agencies. And to produce professionals for this field and train the students for this particular field, a new post graduate course called e- governance has been introduced by National Institute for Smart Government, Hyderabad. The programme has been announced by the institute in association with IT department of ministry of communication and information technology and TA Pai Management Institute. This one year e- governance course is specially designed keeping in mind the working attributes of the mid and senior level executives. This is to make them understand the e- governance system, from the view point of businessmen, general masses and the government.

The course will instil the information in the students with the use of all latest technologies and practical exposures to the e- governance system. There will be three terms, including an educational tour and an internship period for 18 months. So, all those executives, who want to grow in their career and have a better view of their working systems, in terms related to IT can opt for this course and share and enhance their work skills.


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