Monday, July 12, 2010

Modernizing Education in India

There has always been a debate in India over transforming the traditional education system into the contemporary one. Today, the way education is imparted is witnessing a transition with blackboard, chalk and duster being replaced by whiteboard and marker. It has become a two way interactive process rather than teacher teaching and students listening (or hearing in many cases).

Everything in the education system is changing from the look of the classroom in schools and colleges to the learning process via use of technology. The conventional methods of teaching or rote learning are now inching towards modernity with tech based learning becoming immensely popular. Various schools and colleges have come of age and are adopting e-learning ways to walk hand in hand with the rapidly changing world scenario, trends and technologies.

E-learning has become an indispensable part of learning in the current times. Other countries have been following it from ages but it is comparatively newer to Indian domain. The low literacy rate and the lack of access to computers and internet have been detrimental to the progress of education sector in the country. Though learning process has improved by leaps and bounds, lot needs to be done to develop and maintain the overall efficiency of the system.

The content quality is not only the top most priority but also of paramount significance. Information anywhere anytime seems to be the buzzword, catching up with both students and teachers. With the vast usage of laptops, CDs, web, wireless networking, etc., learning is just a click away. Distance learning is growing the fastest with e-learning becoming a favorite across the taught and the teaching faculty. Even though internet has grown the fastest in the world, Indian education system still needs to cash in on its benefits galore. The path is defined and thus, success too shall come soon.


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