Wednesday, July 28, 2010


College is a place, which gives new definitions to student’s life and welcomes the students to a new phase, where at every point they get to learn new things. Colleges in India are meant to make students learn different situations, so that they are further able to become competent enough to deal with the complications of life. One thing, which every student has to face is ragging, which is usually meant to introduce the students with the seniors and make them familiar with the college environment. But, with the changing times, the definitions and the ways in which the ragging is being conducted in colleges is changing drastically. Now ragging has become a tool, which is used by the seniors to humiliate the freshers and to make them realise their power. Due to which ragging has been started considered in the negative sense, and in fact it has caused a terror in the students, due to which they prefer not going to college in the first few days.

This has to be stopped, by any means it has to be. Though, ragging has taken the shape of a terrifying act performed by the seniors of the college, to harass the freshers in one way or the other, but somewhere, someone has to take a step ahead and put a ban on such degrading actions. There are many unions and groups formed in the colleges of India, which are for anti- ragging. But, it is still not working and many students are not following the rules and norms formed against ragging. They say ragging is for fun, but if we actually see, the kind of ragging practised in the colleges today are for the fun of seniors only, but for the freshers it becomes an embarrassment.

Therefore, before doing any such heinous act, first try and place yourself there, and feel the pain and humiliation, a student goes through, when he is being ragged. It is actually a crime, and moreover being a senior, you should welcome the freshers coming to your college in a cheerful manner and make them feel comfortable in the college environment. This would not only add value to your college, but you will also gain respect in the eyes of the new fuchas!!


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