Monday, December 24, 2012

Career in the Hospitality Sector in India

The establishment of the hospitality sector in India can be traced back to the early decades of twentieth century when the Oberoi Group led the first foundation in 1934. They started with the Oberoi Hotels Private Limited and established the first hotel in Kolkata with the name East India Hotel Limited. With the passage of time as the hospitality industry started growing in leaps and bounds other players began making their appearances.

As the hospitality sector began to expand, it generated job opportunities. Gradually, a demand increased for skilled professionals in this field. This led to the introduction of hospitality management as a subject which one can pursue after school.

Career options in the hospitality sector

The tourism industry has an important role to play in the fortification of the hospitality sector and hotel management was introduced as a course. Over the years, India has become a favourite destination for travelers across the globe. This change had a positive impact on the tourism and related sectors like hotel and hospitality. The education industry also witnessed changes as new courses on hotel management courses began to be introduced. Major Indian cities now offer degrees in hotel management courses. Hotel management courses in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Bangalore are numerous.

Most of these cities are home to some of the best known colleges and institutes dedicated exclusively to the study of hotel and hospitality management. With the passage of time, even specializations came along. These days students can choose from various courses like Food and Beverage Management, Bakery, Travel and Tourism Management and may more. Degrees like Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) are also offered in the field of hospitality and hotel management.

Some of the specializations in the field hospitality are listed below:

  •   Food and Beverage Management
  •   Catering Operations
  •   Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition
  •   Flight and Ship Catering Management
  •   International Hotel and Business Administration
  •   Culinary Arts
  •   Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Service Management
  •   Hospitality Management
  •   Food Production
  •   Housekeeping Management

The hospitality industry in India offers good opportunity for those want to carve a career out of the same. Students can choose from a plethora of courses. Recruiters include top notch hotels, aviation industry, restaurants, tourism association, and cruise liners. Others can also opt for teaching in hotel management colleges. Those who are willing to build their career in hotel management, India has a booming hospitality industry that can definitely ensure a good placement.

Author Bio: Sampurna Majumder is an active blogger and content write. Currently she is writing about career opportunities in hospitality management. There are many hotel management courses in Mumbai which give the 100% placement in popular hotels in India.


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