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Career in Marine Engineering

The engineering of water vessels like boats, ships, oil rigs or any other marine vessel is termed as marine engineering. As a discipline, marine engineering involves the application of electrical and mechanical engineering in the development, designing, maintenance and operation of watercraft propulsion.
The history of marine engineering can be traced back to the middle ages when European explorers braved through rough seas for months in order to find promising lands. Sailors made use of the compass top navigate their vessel in the vast seas.

During the Age of Exploration, the business of import and export was carried through the seas. In the 21st Century, at the international level, the activity of import-export is still carried out through the seas.

India’s economic development, trading activities has increased in leaps and bounds. The heat of the same has been felt by the shipping industry in India. Keeping all these mind, it can be vouchsafed that a marine engineer’s career is definitely lucrative.

Job Description

The job description of a marine engineer encompasses designing, repairing and maintaining the mechanical systems of ships. They also need to work with the architects who are involved in designing the structure of the vessel. Marine engineers are sometimes involved in installing electrical equipment in ships. Others may be given the charge of crews involved in cooling and heating systems of the ship.


The minimum eligibility of a marine engineer is a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Engineering or Nautical Science. In order to apply for a course in marine engineering a candidate must have completed high school with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The course on marine engineering is of four years duration.
Since marine engineering involves spending most of the time in high waters, it demands immense physical fitness and certain fitness standards have to be fulfilled. A candidate should at least be 150 centimeters in height and should be colourblind. Eyesight should be 6/6.

Other than the qualities mentioned in the previous paragraph, a marine engineer should possess certain qualities such as organizing, a good swimmer, good conceptualizing abilities, knack for playing with tools and most importantly a strong passion for sea travel.

There are several marine engineering colleges in India where interested candidates can apply. These include Marine Engineering and Research Institute, Kolkata, Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune, Samudra Institute of Maritime Studies, Mumbai, International Maritime Institute, Noida (NCR), Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and others.

Employment Opportunities and Remuneration

Marine engineers can be employed with the Indian Merchant Navy, ship-building companies. Organistions like Shipping Corporation of India also recruit marine engineers.
A well-paid industry, a marine engineer’s salary ranges somewhere between Rs. 25000 to 30000 a month at the beginning which can go up more than Rs. 1 lakh a month. Paid holidays for almost a half of the year is the most attractive part of a


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