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Pursue engineering courses in USA for better research and exposure opportunity

Mark Twain had once said, “You can never be overdressed or over educated”. Education is the perfect platform that everyone needs to constitute in them so that they recover and pursue their career horizons in life. Indian students actually constitute among the largest group among all International students in the United States of America. There are majority of students who opt for bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Commerce and Economics and masters in Finance, business and management. USA is the most developed country in the whole world. The power of technology and finance blooms there and the education courses that are offered in the Universities in USA on technology, finance and management is actually of top-notched standard.

Traditionally, USA universities eligibility criterion for Masters effectively wants 16 years of full time education. But, there are also a number of USA universities that have actively started accepting students with 15 years of education. There are many Indian students who arrive in the American campuses and do stirringly well because of their strong background and the highly efficient training that is received in the high schools of India. Few intellectual in India think this process of going out to study and ending up working there is actually brain-drain but there are some who argue that it is the necessary investment for the future reverse Brain-drain?

There are famous global specialist education agencies who give the best solution to this paradigm of whether one should go to study abroad or not. The most awaited course that one eagerly waits to apply is engineering in USA. India's best institutes for engineering has limited seats, the number of prospective students outnumber the actual availability of seats. Let us take IIT Joint Entrance Examination popularly known as IIT JEE for the year 2010. More than 472,000 students effectively register for the examination and the total available seats were 9509. All over India IIT JEE is one of the toughest engineering entrance exams in the world where the success rate is actually around 1 in 45 in comparison getting to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is easier with an acceptance rate of over 10.

The USA education system is freedom oriented and Indian system is forced one where the students don't get much choices to choose the subject range. There the universities are also more into practical exposure rather than being the brilliant student only for examinations out here. Universities in America are superior for this. USA being the developed country has the best of the resources, facilities and faculties in the world. Although, India is progressing at a great pace but may take another 50 years to become world class.

The USP of pursuing USA education are because of the practical focus that is given to the student along with enriching experience along with the acceptability by employers all over the world, the placement opportunities, diverse culture, immense exposure and cutting edge technology which makes it a dream destination for students wishing to study abroad for higher education. The placement criteria over there are also very applauding in nature. One can actually spent their time on researches and help in proper evolution and experiments with proper grants being granted and accessed.

Education in USA draws students not solely because it is the most developed nation, but because it provides the highest quality of education. The course structure as well as the method of study train students in a way no other country does. Although this is true for all colleges in America, but every student should and want to get admission to one of the top US Colleges and Universities. Universities in USA actually provide a better platform. There are the top notched ones like Yale Universities, Princeton, MIT, Amherst, Harvard and many more. These universities are the world’s most renowned and ranked in the technological enhancement and exposure count. So if you are planning to study in an university in USA, it would actually be a good choice.

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