Thursday, August 15, 2013

GRE Coaching - An Entrance Test for Higher Education

If you aspire for higher degrees in world renowned B Schools than GRE coaching is the entrance exam which you need to crack first. The GRE exam is a gateway to pursue your masters at your dream B Schools. This test is globally acclaimed and not an easy nut to crack which definitely demands immeasurable efforts and skills to crack. The GRE coaching helps the aspirants to see through the test with their coaching classes and trainings.

An introduction to GRE test and GRE coaching

GRE test stands for graduate record examination and are a standardized form of test. The test consists of verbal, mathematical and analytical writing skills. A student needs to pass the test with the mentioned cut offs at all the sections to be eligible for the entrance at the B schools. The GRE training provides coaching in all these segments through their training classes and manuals and also hold mock test to give you an insight of these standard exams.

  • The verbal test consists of 2 sections namely comprehension reading, completion of text and sentence equivalence. These are composed of 30 numbers to be completed in 20 minutes.
  • The quantitative part is of 2 sections with 20 questions to be completed in 35 minutes comprising of numeric entry and quantitative comparison.
  • The analytical writing skill is an issue based and an argument based test to be finished in 30 minutes.

Importance of GRE coaching

The GRE exam gets very tough to attempt without proper guidance and coaching. Also time management being the real essence you need to be very fast with your skills and knowledge to complete all the answers on time. The highest level of cut offs your skills need to be at the peak and formulas and answers at your fingertips to manage the time perfectly. The GRE coaching centers are an all rounder in this management of the test and they offer you the best coaching and their mock test papers are designed as per the GRE patterns to stimulate your thinking process and prepare you for the real test. The time required for the coaching is around 6 months. The GRE coaching highlights the following:

It offers various around 1000 test papers of GRE models for practice
They offer around 100 hours of coaching for your perfection
They make sure to expose you to the instructions from the global top B schools to give you an international standard of coaching.

Memorizing the vocabularies with the help of GRE coaching

The vocabulary part taught in GRE coaching is very different from the daily words used in English, hence needs a lot of memorizing and practice. There are certain Greek and Latin roots as well to memorize. Remembering these bunches of statements are often tricky. Hence you need to make your own memory house and a unique style of remembering these by relating them to certain situations or statements or just create bunches of words and relate them to each other in your memory to make a continuous chain of memorizing. You can simply build a picture page with GRE words, records of Greek and Latin roots, GRE word groups, 3 x 5 cards and time management and time imagination to succeed.

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The above article based on GRE coaching published by Amritpal who is currently working with which provides GRE preparation Tips all over India.


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