Thursday, September 12, 2013

Why Take GRE in Advance?

You may still be clueless about your future plans once you complete your graduation but you can still prepare for the GRE.

You may or may not be aware of it but the scores of your GRE test are valid for a period of 5 years. This implies that a student can use his GRE score at any time during the period of five years if he/she plans to secure admission to a business or a graduate school. If you have decided to seek immediate application to a graduate school, then it is necessary that you enroll for the GRE test and appear for the exam at least three or six months prior to the application cutoff date.

There are several good reasons why you may want to give the GRE test much in advance. First and foremost, it helps the incumbent in making a sound decision when it comes to shortlisting business or graduate schools. Once you have appeared for the exam, you have enough time at hand to decide in which programs you stand a better chance of securing admission.  Based on your GRE scores, you can analyze which courses you can further pursue.

Suppose if you have already appeared for the test and you are not satisfied with your scores, then you have an option to appear for the test again. This is possible only if there is ample time left for the admission deadline. Many students are not able to score well due to various reasons. Thus, it gives you a chance to study again and retain the test. If you are confident about your preparations, then you may score a good percentile in the first attempt itself.

If you decide to give the GRE test much in advance, you will not find yourself burdened with too many deadlines. Since you had copious time to register for the test and appear for the exam, you will not be stressed about meeting the strict deadlines. It always helps to ensure there is plenty of time for the GRE exam to receive the scores and then decide ahead. This reduces your stress levels and helps you perform better in the exam hall.

Another great benefit of appearing for the GRE test well in advance is that you can plan your graduate or business school application strategy weighing all factors in mind. There are many Test Prep Blogs that say this. Once you have your score in your hand, you can plan accordingly and start applying to different schools where you feel you have an edge over other applications. It is essential that you only apply to those schools where you know you have higher chances of securing admission.  Once you take the exam in advance, you can wisely send your official GRE score and your application to targeted schools.

If a business or a graduate school has a rolling admission procedure to intake new students, then it is always a good thing to send applications early, preferably between December and February. A rolling admission process is where the school will review the applications on a first come, first serve basis.


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