Sunday, October 6, 2013

Popular UG Courses that Catch Fancy of Students

Undergraduate level education is taken by millions of students in India today. As India progresses more and more students are getting educated in the country.  Also higher education at the under graduate level is becoming more and more popular with the students. As times change the type of Popular UG Courses that the students want to learn are also gradually changing.

As the demand for UG education is very high, traditional courses as well as some new courses are seeing a lot of popularity. Also the existing courses are also evolving by starting new courses for particular branches of existing fields of study. Nowadays there are many courses designed in such a way that they give skills to the students that are necessary to get jobs further in that industry. There are many degrees in various fields of study and also some professional courses that are popular today.

The popularity of courses keeps evolving as universities and colleges keep introducing courses which are in demand with the students and industries. The following are some of the courses that are popular with the students:
  • Many students still opt for the traditional degrees of Bachelor’s in Arts (B.A), Bachelor’s in Commerce (B.Com) and Bachelor’s in Science (B.Sc).
  • Engineering is a very popular field these days. Lots of students are opting for engineering and many new engineering colleges are coming up. Branches of engineering like software engineering, electronics and telecommunications engineering are very popular with students. Besides these students are also studying new branches like instrumentation and Robotronics.
  • Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) or Bachelors in Business Management (BMM) are done by many students. Also mass communication and media courses are popular nowadays in India.
  • Medicine is very popular. Along with MBBS, courses like physiotherapy, nursing, dental education and homeopathy are taken up by students today.
  • Computer courses like BCA or diploma courses are very popular as studying both diploma and degree courses can help students get jobs related to computers.
  • Hotel management and catering has increased in popularity as many students want to enter the hotel industry today as this industry is flourishing in India.
  • Design courses are very popular. Many students are opting for courses like product design, interior design, graphic design, animation, textile designing, fashion designing etc. These courses are rapidly gaining popularity as they are very interesting fields and jobs as well as business career options are available for students who study these courses at undergraduate level.
  • Many of the youth today take up industrial training courses that teach vocational courses like electrician, plumbing, mechanics, computer hardware etc. These students then get jobs in these fields.
These are the Popular UG Courses for under graduate students in India today. Students are opting for both traditional courses as well as new courses as there is a lot of awareness among the youth today about exactly what career they want in life.


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