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IIT JEE 2015 - How to Prepare for IIT JEE 2015 Exam?

IIT has presented world some of the best engineers and entrepreneurs.  Today, many IIT graduates are holding the top most designations in the first-rate companies like LinkedIn, Google, Syntel and many others. Wishing to get their name inscribed in list of top engineers and highest paid employees, many engineering aspirants prepare for IIT JEE – deemed to be the toughest entrance exam in the country. But are they preparing the right way?
Here is your chance to know whether you are preparing correctly. We bring to you JEE preparation tips by Top JEE Rankers and Subject Matter Experts.


Before you start preparing for the competitive exam, it is important to plan your moves. Start your preparation early i.e. from Class 10th. Create an IIT JEE Study Planner to be on the track and devotee equal amount of time for studying, revising and practicing.

Clear your concepts

If you don’t know the basics, chances are you will never understand advanced level problems. Hence, clearing your basics is very important. No matter in which class you are – 10th or 12th, you should first clear your basic concepts. Create summary notes for basic concepts and always refer it while studying the advanced topics.
For class-wise IIT JEE Preparation tips read the following tips carefully.

If you are in Class 10th  

If you are a student of Class 10th and wish to prepare for this highly competitive exam, make sure you have the latest syllabus with you. 
Get Syllabus – The very first thing a JEE aspirant should do is know the syllabus completely. Hence, without the syllabus you might not be able to decide from which topic you should start preparing for the exam. Looking at the syllabus decide which book to refer for the preparation. After you are done with all these, start your preparation. 
Self assessment – Once you are done with IIT JEE 2015 Preparation, start solving sample papers as much as you can. Take mock tests to know your preparation level for the final exam. You can use some good JEE question bank to solve a lot of challenging questions. Based on your result of the mock test, you will be able to know your strengths and weaknesses.

If you are Class 12th

If you a student of Class 12th and want to be an IITian, use the following IIT JEE 2015 Preparation tips to clear JEE Main and JEE Advanced 2015.
Study Practice Revise – Here, your first step should start with studying basics and gradually moving towards advanced topics. Studying and revising your basics should not take more than one month. Once done, devotee your time to study practice and revise advanced level problems.
Create a problem solving cycle – Take one chapter of any one subject and solve some questions of it. Once done, move to another chapter; continue this cycle unless you finish the entire subject. In this way you’ll be able to complete every chapter quickly without getting bored.
Best of Luck!
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