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Your Attitude and Resume – both matter

There is a full-fledged course, taught in bachelors or masters program that enlightens a student with the method of writing a resume’. Commonly the subject is named as “managerial communication”. The sole reason behind the teaching of this subject is to get students ready for the professional world. When a fresh graduate begins his/her corporate journey, a good resume is the first requirement. Apart from this, How to interact with people, write a resume’, appear for interviews, handle situations and above all ensure a steady career growth are things every graduate should know off. Companies and organizations look for individuals capable of adjusting in their own culture and environment. This research is hence mandatory before any candidate applies for a firm.
Resume Tips

Now the question is: what are the few things that shall be taken into account while you email your CV to various companies.

The very first step that will serve as the prerequisite to the rest of steps is –research. This means before you apply for any opening, you do some homework. See what the firm is all about: the number of business units present, the functional strategy it follows and the best positions it has to offer you. There are two ways you approach a firm, one is when it has advertised a job opening itself, other is when you propose your services in any department of your own interest. For both the cases you need to understand the importance of ‘cover letter’.

Identify how you learned of the job position and what has made you apply in that firm.
Make the position that you are applying for very clear in the cover letter.
Identify your recent job experiences that might be of their interest.
Without exaggerating, tell them your skills and expertise.
You can also add in your hobbies and part time activities
Make sure you identify all voluntary experiences.
If you are an active member of LinkedIn, you can always provide a link of your profile.
Referring to the requirements of the position relate your qualifications.
"Your resume shall match whatever you mentioned in the cover letter.

These were few tips that need thorough consideration when you begin the process of job application. The next step is to work on your resume’. Do not forget: resume is the tool using which you may carve out your own future. Internet is all crammed with tips and advises regarding CV writing but here are few very essential ones that will serve as some instant guide:

1. If you are a fresh graduate, functional resume is the best option. To be specific this will include more focus on skills, educational achievements and personal interests. Whereas if you have a lots of experience yet you want some ripples in your monotonous career make sure you follow the chronological pattern.
2. Lay piles of emphasis on your skills and expertise. Your research will help the most here. For instance if you wish to apply for some marketing position, there is no need of highlighting your call centre or teaching experiences. Describe all your achievements in the domain of your and their interest only.
3. Embed your resume with KEYWORDS. This is very important, especially when SEO wins the online race. Optimize your text with keywords that will attract employers like a magnet. Other than this you may also keep in mind that mere stuffing of keywords won’t work, it will not only create a bad impression but is also against business ethics. You shall make sure that you create a professional impression without spamming.
4. Finally following up is very important. Mention in your cover letter that how will you stay in contact with them or through what means they shall approach you. Even if the reply to your email is negative, do not ignore & reply to them in a positive manner. They might consider you in the next hiring session.
5. A special and additional advice for all lucky ones who get a call for interview is to exhibit a professional demeanor in their first meeting. They shall be on time, act confident, talk politely, avoid too much fidgeting and boasting, and answer intellectually. They shall maintain a disciplined posture and shall define their previous work experience (May it be an internship) in detail.

At the start of career one needs to act real smart and wise. People who know there career path well enough, will also find a way to grow cashing best opportunities available. There are a billion ways you can manifest your intelligence and mannerism, it is what organizations value the most. So be at your best behavior and work for a mutually beneficial relationship!

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