Thursday, May 14, 2009

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

General Job profile of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers:

The duty/job of an aircraft engineer is to look after the maintenance and smooth functioning of the air frame, engine, air craft, the electrical fittings and system etc.

Types of Aircraft Maintenance:

Aircraft maintenance engineering includes two types of mechanics, one is maintenance mechanic and the other is overhaul mechanics. So for a maintenance aircraft engineer the job is to look after the type and the kind of aircraft, they are more concerned towards the overall outer aircraft parts and body to work. While on the other hand the overhaul aircraft engineers work on the engine and its related area, they are basically subjected to the routine maintenance of the aircraft once it completes its allotted flight hours.

Eligibility for Aircraft Mechanic:

To become an Aircraft mechanic one needs to have a B.Sc. degree along with a 2 years practical experience if not that then one needs to be a high school pass out with 3 years Diploma in this field of aircraft engineering.
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