Friday, May 15, 2009

Employment Oppurtunties For Aeronautical Engineers and Aircraft Maintenace Engineers

There are many good and reputed private and government institutes for aeronautical engineers and aircraft maintenance engineers (AME) like – Indian airlines, air India, HAL, helicopter corporation of India and flying club, NAL, National Aeronautical Lab, Defense Research and Development Laboratories, Aeronautical Development Establishment, Civil Aviation Department and many more options available out there for one who wishes to pursue a career in this field.
Because the global aviation industry has seen a rise in many new airlines coming up and new rules being enforced making aviation industry more liberal hence a career in the aeronautical engineering or AME would be a very good and bright option to go for.
To become a trainee as aircraft maintenance engineer in the national carriers one needs to go through a 4 level of training. After that all they need is to get a license from the DGCA to become a assistant aircraft engineers.
As far as the salary packages are concerned, if an aircraft engineer gets recruited in a government organization like HAL or NAL then they get paid according to the government standards i.e. their scales as benchmark, similarly if one works in a private airlines then the engineer gets paid as per the scales of the private organization, besides this there are many benefits a airlines professional can avail like cost free travelling for himself/herself and their family.


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