Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shipping Work & its General Profile

Shipping as a career is not only limited to merchant navy, it is a on shore job that can be bifurcated into broadly three segments i.e. – tramp trade, liner trade and camp fleet.

The shipping industry can be put into three work segments, each segment in itself deals with various jobs.
  • First segment is related to the administrative jobs that take care of logistics documents etc. basically all the administrative and record keeping jobs.
  • Second is the ship crew who take care of the ship vessels that carried passengers and cargos, its their responsibility to take care of loading, communicate and off loading these while the ship is docked.
  • The third category is of those who are at the dock and takes care of all the documentation, loading and unloading and other formalities when the ship is docked.
When it comes to type of operations a shipping company performs, like mentioned above, the tramp traders are like brokers by offering freight and related services to their clients, these tramp traders are posted on various ports all over the globe.

The in liner trade ships have fixed routes that they follow, shipping companies have their own fully competent set of employees who take care of the port operations and usually come self equipped essential equipments to help them with loading and unloading of the cargos.
Captive fleets are hired by big business companies who take care of fleeting themselves.
The major shipping avenues available include specialization in cargo handling, port administration, marine engineering, marine equipment manufacturing, marine inspection and surveying, ship architecture and design, ship-building and repair and port operations etc.

Though working on the docks and ports is a tough job. Parts of piers are covered by sheds, but dockworkers work most of the time in the open being exposed to a lot of noise during the materials being moved from one place to the other and machines being operated. It is hard physical work for stevedores.

But it’s a great avenue and field if one doesn’t mind the above mentioned minor draw backs as it is international shipping majors are now coming to India. India is fast becoming the controlling hub for shipping operations All over the globe, for e.g.: CP ships the owner of contship container lines based in UK is also opening a brand here in India the reason being its direct services, outsourcing etc. and the company is also looking for fresh hires.

So those looking for good job opportunities in administrative, technical or field
related jobs can go for shipping industry as it is a promising field. Visit to find details on Shipping Courses & Shipping colleges in India and abroad.
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