Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Choosing Media As A Career

Scrambling for limited seats happens to become a common scenario these days, its every students struggle in today’s date as due to a rise in the population and a massive increase in the amount of competition, its hard to grab a seat in a once desired course and college in India as well as abroad. A large number of traffic comes in for the very typical kind of courses like engineering, medical and management, how about we think a little different go beyond the stereotype courses? Try and shift from the conventional career path?

Career and media courses happens to be a new and emerging career option in today’s date .in fact its gaining a lot of popularity amongst the youth, to grab a seat in the top 10 media colleges is no more as easy as it was, with fierce competition and its gaining popularity as a career option more and more students are appearing for its competitive exams. Many youngsters are aspiring to pursue a course in journalism in order to be a journalist, especially with the rise in the number of news channels, the career options are diversified.

Media happens to be very important, especially in today’s date as its pretty evident that it has the power to influence the masses due to its wide reach and availability, there would hardly be a soul on the planet who is unaffected or ignorant to media, its one of the most wide spread channel to global activities for a common man. As per stats media has grown 12.5% in 2008 and is expected to grow as much as 12.5% in the coming 5 years of time.

Hence it’s quite evident that a career in media world would be a smart choice to make.
The print media has over 10,000 publishers and still growing. Nowadays many media companies are hiring youngsters for their efficiency and creativity, media trend happens to catch pace and is becoming on of the most opted for career path for the youth today.

Some of the best media institutes in India for pursuing a course in mass communication are as follow –

• Jawarhlal Nehru University (Delhi)
• Jamia millai isamia (Delhi)
• Indian institute of mass communication (Delhi)
• Bhartiya vidya bhavan’s sardar Patel college of communication & management (Delhi)
• YMCA, centre of mass com. (Delhi)
• Amity school of communications (Delhi)
• Allahbad institute
• College of arts and commerce (Andhra Pradesh)
• Asian academy of films and television (Uttar Pradesh)
• Aligarh muslim university (Uttar Pradesh)


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