Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Civil services IAS

The field of civil services is one of the most popular fields of career since 1919. many youngsters today opt for it as it has a wide range of tasks, a good job profile, a superior commanding post, good salary and added advantages; but mind you to get into civil services is no cake walk, it has tough parameters of entrance and needs a huge amount of dedication and hard work. The field is gaining a lot of popularity due to its job profile; there are various well reputed colleges in India offering courses in civil services.

Indian administrative services (IAS) is a field that needs tremendous amount of hard work, one need to be good in academics and up to date with current events and general knowledge to acquire a seat in IAS. As per stats there are 11 -12 times more candidates appearing as compared to available seats. But if you have made your mind and set IAS as your goal then nothing can stop you.

IAS officers are to handle government affairs; hence every IAS officer is assigned a particular area of jurisdiction to look after – like administration, work, policies etc. it’s the job of the administrative officer – create, modify and frame the policy directly under him along with the supervision of the minister; once the officer approves of it the policy is implemented. At the top of the policy making hierarchy is the cabinet secretary followed by Secretary/Additional Secretary, Joint Secretary, Director, Under Secretary and Junior Scale Officers respectively. These posts are filled by the civil servants based upon their seniority. An IAS officer can serve either in India or abroad working under central or state government.

A civil servant has a 2 years probation period when he/she begins their career. Most of this period is spent in field offices, district magistrate’s office, and training schools. The officer on duty holds the position of sub magistrate and has to look after the law and order and general administrational work of that area. Once the probation period is over the officer is promoted to a senior level.

The forthcoming civil servant is projected to show appreciative awareness of national and worldwide affairs, trends, new changes, discoveries, etc., in addition to a firm grasp of the subjects of academic study.


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