Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Acting As A Career

Many youngsters want to take acting as a career because it’s not only glamorous but it brings fame and money which you can’t get from any 9 to 6 job. Acting is not only about good looks but also talent; like in our film industry one can see actors who are successful even though sometimes they aren’t very good looking. Even though you think you are a born actor still there is lot more to learn about acting and way of speech, dialogue delivering, carrying yourself etc
There are many acting schools in India which provides professional training so one can join any acting schools and brush up his acting related skills and increase level of his confidence. By joining acting school one can finely tune his skills and learn the art of acting.
The struggling actors can get their portfolios clicked by professional photographers that can help them a lot and they can contact agents or other advertising agencies and in this way can one can get assignments which can be useful to them for starting their career.

For taking admission into an acting course one should be graduate and having extra skills like dancing, horse riding etc.
Some famous Acting Schools:
Academy Of Film & Drama, Bangalore, India
National Academy Of Cinema And Television, Bangalore, India
Zee Institute Of Media Arts, Mumbai, India
Asian Academy Of Film & Television, Noida, India
R. K. Films & Media Academy, Delhi, India
Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute
Film and TV Institute of Tamil Nadu, Chennai
Imago Acting School, Brahma Studio, Film City, Noida


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