Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Civil Services – IFS

IFS is one major part of civil services in India, though its not a very popular field of career but it sure is one with promising future and returns. An IFS officer enjoys various diplomatic rights, salary, perks and added advantage from the government of India.

These days with rising awareness and spread of media more and more people are being acquainted with this field of career in turn giving rise to various IFS coaching centers in India and abroad offering and teaching various courses for IFS training.

The job of an IFS officer is to create and maintain diplomatic relations with foreign countries. It’s an all India service and comes under the ministry of external affairs. During the probation period the candidate can be posted in different countries by the ministry like USA, UK, Pakistan, and Italy etc. The probation period is of 2 years where in the first year the probationer is to go to the country spend most of his time there and learn and understand their language better. During the second year of the probation period they are sent to the country for which they are best suited for. They are honored with the post of third secretaries by the embassy of the respective countries.

After working for another two years they are promoted to the rank of second secretary.
IFS officers come back to their home country for a period of 2 years before being assigned a new assignment and a new country. They have to take care of the relations with a set of countries or are positioned in the Indian Council of Cultural Relations or the Passport office or some other office of the same type. Once a IFS officer reaches the top status he is honored with the post of the first secretary and it’s his duty to take care and maintain mutual international understanding especially with the backward countries.

IFS officers are awarded with attractive perks on postings abroad, like - education, outfit and liberal medical allowances free furnished house and much more.


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