Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Study Abroad – Canada

If studying abroad is your dream and pursuing a course in foreign land is your aspiration then why not go to Canada, the land with not only rich and diverse culture and environment but a plethora of options when it comes to colleges and courses in Canada.

Canada has over 70 universities and over 100 colleges and n number of courses to choose from ranging from – biotech in plant, law, management, business, medicine, fine arts, women’s studies, multidisciplinary minor and major, urban and regional studies, management of natural resources, arts and social science, tourism and hospitality etc.

With such a wide range of courses available and peaceful environment more and more students are opting for Canada to pursue their higher studies, it happens to gain quite a lot of popularity in recent past. Courses in Canadian universities and colleges are of high reputation due to its global acceptance of its degree and diplomas and its low tuition fees. A student can go for a high school diploma course, 2 to 4 years degree course, exchange program and part or full time courses either via campus classes or online classes.

Hence if you have made up your mind to pursue a course in Canada then you can apply for student’s visa from citizenship and immigration Canada (CIC) for which you need to fill a application and submit it along with processing charges, a few more documents is required depending upon the students location and country.
In case you require more data on courses and colleges in Canada you can surf the net, go to various education forums, articles and sites etc.

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