Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Web Designing Career

Now a days Web designers are demanded in every sector because every organization needs a website to represent its business on the web and to make it visible to more and more people and to attract more business. Web designers not only make websites but also lay emphasis on its content, functionality, ease of use, easy navigation, attractive graphic features etc. There are lucrative career options in web design market.
People often confuse web design and web development but there is a big difference in web designing and web development.

A web developer focuses on developing backend applications and concentrates on programming on platforms like asp, php, java , jsp etc whereas a web designer focuses on front end design and uses HTML, flash, css, javasrript etc for designing purposes and lay emphasis on graphic design, page layout/structures and overall design of web pages. But knowing both designing and development will not only be beneficial but will let you earns a handsome six figures salary. Even in some organizations same person handles designing as well as development.

If you are looking for good opportunities in web design market then you should know photoshop ,HTML, javascript, css and either you can learn graphic designing from a good graphic design school or you can do web designing course from any good institute. Apart from that you should have good communication skills so that you are able to translate your ideas into words and you should be creative and technically sound so that you can implement your ideas into actions.


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