Tuesday, August 4, 2009

History Courses

A course in history is not as boring as one thinks it is, it’s a typical cliché that history is all about learning dates and events but there is much more to it like they say “to know the past is to know the present”.

Studying history is to study about our past, learning how humans came into existence and how the evolved, discoveries and changes in culture, politics etc this information is immensely precious as it not only increases our knowledge but it also makes us more analytical, and help us interpret things better, not only on personal front but a course in history has many bright career options as well. History in itself is a diverse field of study of thousands of year of human kind and changes in human and their surroundings.

Besides a course in history can virtually act as a base to understand many subjects like social science etc. It gives a person ability to think independently, analytically and logically with a correct frame of enquiry.

Career options – a student pursuing a course in history from India or abroad has many career options to opt for like – research, teaching, private/government services, journalist (print and media), NGO, work in United Nations, museums (curator), tourism and much more. Basic Skills that are required to pursue a career in history is broad and inquiring mind set and curiosity to learn more.

Well Known 5 colleges for history in India are:

Presidency College Kolkata
Lady shriram College – Delhi
St. Xavier – Ranchi
St. Stephen’s college – Delhi
Santiniketan – west Bengal.


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