Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Zealand – Hub Of Vocational Courses

One place that is gaining popularity for its options in vocational courses is New Zealand.It’s a beautiful country and we are all aware but few are aware of the fact that it has a wide range of options in vocational courses like – polytechnic courses, animation courses, multimedia courses, hospitality courses, fine arts etc.
There are well reputed institutes in New Zealand, both government and private polytechnics are popular option as these institutes offer both diploma and certificate programmes in various fields like – nursing, hospitality, IT, tourism and many more the fee structure for which varies from 8lakh – 9lakh (for private universities).
Another option that would be easy on once pocket would be is to go for government funded polytechnic institute. These institutes not only provide the students with theoretical study but also provide them with practical training for e.g. CPIT Christchurch has its own restaurant where students are taught to cook and serve in their hospitality program and it also absorbs few of its students as full time employees.
New Zealand is gaining popularity for its vocational courses, every year nearly 500 students migrate to New Zealand from India, and the number is likely to increase in the coming years as New Zealand provides its students all that a migrating student would need in a new location – safety, well developed infrastructure, friendly people, reputed and economical courses, high rate of job opportunity after those courses and much more.
It has many reputed colleges like –
#CPIT Christ church – hospitality.
#Design and arts college, Christchurch – fine arts, interior design, fashion design and communication design.
#Natcoll Auckland – animation, multimedia and advanced media courses.
#Wintec (Waikato institute of technology) Hamilton.
Hence if you are interested in getting yourself a quick job then these vocational courses in New Zealand are a very good and promising option for you to opt for. Incase one requires more information in terms of admission procedure etc then one can consult various online forums, educational sites, magazines, newspapers, career counselors etc as there is a wide range on information present on vocation courses in New Zealand.

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