Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Career in Aviation Industry - Course Options

When it comes to aviation industry there are lots of options to choose from, like – flying, operations, field duties, maintenance of the aircraft, technical and safety aspect, air traffic management and many more to go for. There are in fact many prestigious training schools in India and abroad that offer Aviation courses.

In today’s date many youngsters are opting for this field either after their 10+2 or their graduation. The high rate of popularity for Aviation courses in India as well as Abroad is due to its promising future aspects in terms of career as well as high returns from the monetary aspect. One major reason for a sudden inflow of people in this industry is also the privatization of Aviation Brands i.e. besides the government operated Airlines like – Indian airlines/Air India, Airways India, Bharat airways etc there is a whole new crop of private airlines in today’s date like – Jet airways, Deccan airways, Kingfisher, Indigo etc. hence there is a huge demand of young trained pilots for their aircrafts.

There are many well reputed aviation training schools in India offering a large variety of courses for young aspirants like:

a) Flight attendant
b) Flight deck crew
c) Pilot
d) Cabin crew
e) In flight services
f) Safety instructor
g) Disaster management for aviation personals (new)
h) Business continuity planning (new)
i) Economics of transportation in air (new)
j) Aviation engineering

There is an entire plethora of options that one can take up after their schooling, though if one wish to go for real flying as a pilot then having science (physics and maths) in their 12th grade is a must.

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